Top mistakes of new Mac users

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Mistakes Made By New Mac Users

1. Trying to maximize a window by clicking the green + button, not realizing that Mac OS X only extends the window to the extent that it can easily fit the content displayed inside the window.

2 . Trying to open programs or documents several times as they do not recognize the progress indicators such as sound of CD spinning, hard drive spinning and they do not know why the beach ball cursor is spinning.

3. Looking for an uninstaller application, not realizing that uninstalling applications on Mac requires merely dragging the application icon to the trash.

4. When copying a folder over an existing folder, not realizing that the OS X will replace the target folder unlike Windows, which merges the contents instead of replacing.

5. Confusing backspace with delete because an Apple keyboard has two delete keys, one for backward delete and the other for forward delete.

6. Expecting the home and end keyboard keys to take the cursor to the start of the line and to the end of the line, respectively rather than the start and the end of the document.

7. Saving all their files on the desktop or somewhere else on the hard disk rather than in their home folder.

8. Repeatedly pressing the Apple (Command) key, presuming that the Apple menu will pop up.

9. Starting the installation of an application every time, thinking the installer itself is the application.

10. Looking for the “e” icon of the Windows Internet Explorer

11. Double-clicking on the dock icons instead of a single-click.

12. Attempting to resize a window from its edges rather than from the drag area at the corner.

13. Trying to find menus on a program’s window and not realizing that they are always present at the top.

14. Not realizing that they can use the dock for both launching the applications and returning to a running program.

15. Using the Ctrl key instead of the Apple key.

16. Double-clicking on a window to maximize it, not realizing it will send it back to the dock, instead.

17. Thinking that now they have left Windows, they will not have any problems or a virus will never attack their Mac.

18. Using Google Search in Safari to open a website.

19. Not using any keyboard shortcuts.

20. Linux/Unix users going to the /home folder rather than /Users.