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Path Finder Raises the Bar on What Apple's Finder Should Be

written by: rmervine•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 9/23/2013

Path Finder by Cocatech incorporates a lot of functionality that is not present in Apple's Finder. It's like the Swiss Army knife of Apple's Finder. But is it enough to ditch the Finder? Read on to find out.

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    Path finder is the Hub of File Management

    When I first open Path finder, I was almost taken back by the amount of features that are available. There were icons everywhere. It gave me the feeling that I just wanted to start clicking on something and wonder what that button does. Everything you do in Path finder gives a degree of higher productivity. For example, Path finder supports the idea of tabs. The tabs work the same way you would use a Firefox or Internet Explorer tab. Because of these tabs, this makes copying between folders so much easier. There is a feature known as a dual pane to where its like having two Finder windows at the same time within one program. Something that really caught on to me in Path finder is how there are multiple ways of getting a file managment task done. I can do everything from opening an application to quickly opening the terminal to an intended directory.

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    Multifunction is the Key

    I think of Path finder like I would to a Swiss Army Knife. An abundance of functions are available in this one little piece of software. There are so many functions that I would not think of, but then see how efficient it really is. For instance, CD and DVD burning is built in. You click the burn icon (the one that looks like a radioactive button - similar to the one in Disk Utility.) and then simply start dragging files. Another cool feature is with one click of a button, you can have terminal all of a sudden appear. There is a unique feature called Drop Stacks. Drop Stacks allows you to do multiple batches of copy and paste. You can copy and paste from different folders and then manipulate those files to what ever directory. Simple image editing is built into Pathfinder. If you need to do a quick crop of a picture, just a couple of clicks and you are all completed. Are you a fan of coverflow? You will love it in Path finder as you can use it at the same time as folder view!

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    Conclusion and Where to get It

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    The big question is if Path finder can replace Finder. I would say absolutely! As a user, I have been using Pathfinder for about three years. If there is something that I have to be critical of Path Finder, it is the loading time. For me it seems to take about 15 seconds on a two year old MacBook. However, once it is loaded the program is quite responsive. Also, there is a little bit of a learning curve. Do not feel too overwhelmed when first seeing it. I would recommend exploring all the little functions. The price is also a little expensive. It is priced at $40. However, if you are a student, there is a good deal they have. Until August 20, 2009, they will have it on sale for $25. If you are a geek or a poweruser, I would highly recommend Path Finder 5 by CocaTech

    Myriads of Features in Path Finder 

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