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iAlertU Supplies a Security System For Your Macbook

written by: CBumeter•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 8/25/2009

If you are paranoid of unauthorized fingers accessing your Mac then iAlertU is just the program for you. Not only will iAlertU lock and alarm your computer, but it will provide photographic evidence of any intruders. This article and accompanying video demonstrate iAlertU's capabilities.

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    iAlertU is a nifty little program created by Slapping Turtle Software strictly to protect your Macbook from non-authorized users. What I mean by this is if you live with roommates, brothers and sisters, or even nosy parents who like to snoop on your computer, then this program will keep them out.

    With IAlertU running, all you have to do is use the white remote that comes with your Macbook computer to run your iTunes Media Center and hold down the menu button until you will hear a couple beeps very similar to the sound you get when locking your car.

    What this does is arm your computer. The specific security settings vary and you can select just one, or all of them from a list. The list includes, motion sensoring, keyboard typing, closing the screen, trackpad and mouse use, plugging or unplugging the AC adapter, and sensing when devices are plugged into your computer.

    Once the system is armed then it is set to go. As soon as any of the selected settings are altered, the alarm will sound an ear piercing noise. For example, if the alarm has been set and somebody approaches the computer thinking it's on its screen saver and moves the mouse, they will be greeted with the alarm sounding for at least 10 seconds. The alarm will then be reset automatically until it is disarmed by the remote.

    If that isn't enough, there's more to convict the intruder trespassing on your computer. iAlertU automatically uses your iSight camera (or whatever camera you choose to use) to take a photo as soon as the alarm sounds. This will then be stored in the preferences section so you can see exactly who it was on your computer.

    The only problem is that iAlertU only stores one picture in its preferences. So if it's set off multiple times by different people then you'll only see the last person it captured. The way around this is to select the option "E-Mail image" and place your e-mail address in the box below. Then iAlertU will send you an e-mail with the picture that is taken when the alarm sounds.

    The program is pretty cool, especially with the incorporation of the remote that comes with your Macbook. It's very effective and very easy to setup. iAlertU should leave you feeling safe and secure when leaving your Macbook home alone while you're out and about.

    iAlertU is a free download and can be downloaded here. Here's a demonstration video that I made as well on YouTube.
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