A Review of Delicious Library 2

A Review of Delicious Library 2
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Have you ever wanted an easy way to create a backup list of every one of your DVDs, video games, books and gadgets? Well look no further, as a program for the Mac called Delicious Library 2 will do just that. It will sort, organize, and create a specified area for each type of media.

Delicious Monster, the company behind Delicious Library 2 has put out a simple product that anyone can use with a few basic items: a webcam, a Mac, and any DVD, book, CD or gadget you own. When the user starts up the program with their webcam plugged in, a small window pops up showing two small boxes with red lines streaming across that are used to read the barcode. What happens next is the DVD, CD or whatever item it may be is held up to the webcam barcode reader. A brief beep will sound alerting you that the item has been recognized. Now watch the magic.

Delicious Library goes and fetches all of the relevant information about the product. Let’s use for example my newly purchased DVD, This Is Spinal Tap. When you hold the back of the DVD up to the barcode reader it beeps. Right before your eyes it adds a little slot on what Delicious Library calls your digital “shelf”. It shows the DVD cover and below it in a different section there is everything you need to know about the DVD. It gives track names, reviews, a synopsis of the film, and even other recommendations. As you continue scanning items it creates independent categories for which the item falls into. It will then sort them however you’d like whether it’s by creator, title, or even retail price.

Delicious Library stores every scanned item in a default section in the library such as books, movies, music, video games, and gadgets. It looks similar to the iTunes sidebar where it shows the total number of items in each category.

The main drawback I find with Delicious Library is that sometimes you have trouble scanning an item. I found myself spending about a minute trying to get the barcode properly in front of the camera to be recognized. There is also the issue of items not being found. The database it uses is from Amazon.com so if it’s not there then it has a difficult time finding it. You do have the ability to manually add the item which is nice, but then you will not have the convenience of automatically receiving all of the information.

This program is highly recommended to anybody with a large media collection. It may take a decent chunk of a day to scan in your whole collection, but it sure is pretty seeing the list of everything you own right on your computer organized and sorted. Unless you enjoy scavenging through your collection by hand to sort it, check out this product.

For a free trial download go to www.delicious-monster.com. The full version can also be purchased from that website for $40.