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A Guide to Word for Mac 2011 Online Purchase Options

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 4/29/2011

So you decided to purchase Word for Mac 2011 online and are looking for the best options? Look no further, read on for online purchase and downloading options. Not looking for Office 2011 entirely? Discover where to find Word 2011 individually and order online!

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    Purchasing Word for Mac 2011 Online

    Word for Mac 2011 Online Purchase Microsoft Word has long found its way to Apple’s OS X platform and has now reached version 2011. We previously reviewed Word for Mac 2011 as part of the Office for Mac 2011 series and found it an improvement compared to Word for Mac 2008, a version that certainly was not without flaws. The upgrade is therefore a welcome one, and significant enough to justify purchasing, even if you already purchased Word for Mac 2008.

    So you have reached the point where you want purchase the application and are wondering; where can I download Microsoft Word for Mac 2011? Read on for your options...

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    Where Can I Download Microsoft Word for Mac 2011?

    In this age of digital downloads it is no surprise that Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 can be purchased and downloaded online with ease. Not only is it convenient that you will get the application straight on your computer, you save packaging materials which benefits everyone. To purchase Word for Mac 2011 online, you just have to know where to look. Here are a few options to make your search easier:

    • The Microsoft Product Page. Here the entire Office for Mac 2011 suite can be purchased and download straight away. The downside is that word cannot be purchased individually.
    • The Apple Online Store. Like with the Microsoft Product page, Apple’s Online Store will only allow for full Office for Mac 2011 package download, meaning you will get Excel and PowerPoint for Mac 2011 together with Word 2011.

    Unfortunately for those that want to buy Word for Mac 2011 individually for the purpose of direct download, there are no online options. Both the Microsoft Product page and Apple Online Store want you to buy the entire Office for Mac 2011 package. If you are willing to forfeit the download and opt for the physical DVD-ROM package instead, you will have a better chance to obtain Word only.

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    Other Word for Mac 2011 Online Purchasing Options

    The only option you have for acquiring Word for Mac 2011 individually is by purchasing it through other web stores. This Google Products page shows the cheapest options for this purpose. You will find that these stores offer Word for Mac 2011 individually, but without the option to download. Instead, the DVD-ROM will be sent to you. Although this may seem a bit tedious at first, there is a significant price difference between purchasing Word 2011 individually over the complete Office 2011 package.

    In summary, the choice is simple: If you are ready to take Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2011 as well, you can purchase and download Office for Mac 2011 straight from the web. However, if you are determined to purchase Word for Mac 2011 individually you will be restricted to acquiring the physical DVD-ROM through one of the before-mentioned web stores. Whatever your choice, Word for Mac 2011 is widely available through web stores ready to be purchased at your own convenience.

    Note. Did you find any other online purchasing options for Word 2011? Share them in the comment section!

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