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Best Resources for Mac OS X Video Games

written by: •edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 2/17/2011

Looking for games to play on your brand new Intel Mac? There are many places online where you can download Mac OSX game software legally...

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    Gaming on the Mac

    CIv V is among The Best Mac Osx Game Software Downloads Mac users have had it hard in the past few years; with the platform’s transition away from the PowerPC processor it has been hard to find decent games that weren’t in fact originally intended for Windows.

    Now that it is possible to dual boot Windows and Mac OS X on the same computer there seems to be even less interest in releasing games specifically for the platform – PC gaming remains healthy because of the number of platform-specific strategy and RPG games, but Mac OS X doesn’t have this advantage.

    So while a handful of games that come out are always going to be destined for the Mac (such as anything by Will Wright) if you’re looking for games for your Mac you need to start widening your search beyond the obvious online stores and look for legal Mac OS X game software.

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    Top Resources for Mac OS X Game Software

    MacUpdate - providing links to a vast selection of games that can be downloaded and installed on Mac computers, MacUpdate features links to free, commercial and shareware titles. Major titles are available as well, and a useful review and rating system is in place for subscribers.

    Freeverse - providing downloads for Mac OS X and iPhone/iPad (as well as Windows), Freeverse create great games of different genres which can be downloaded for an appropriate price and played on your MacBook, iMac or iOS device. Some games are also compatible with older Mac OS X releases, and as such a can be played on PPC devices.

    Pure Mac - probably the most long-running source of Mac software downloads, Pure Mac features a massive directory of games in a variety of genres from FPS to RPG, puzzle to strategy and flight sims and emulators. These might be full priced games or freeware titles, but in pretty much every case there is a download available either to the full version or a demo.

    Note that Pure Mac also provides links and downloads for non-game software – all Mac users should have this website in your bookmarks!

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    Alternatively, Try Steam!

    The Best Mac Osx Game Software Downloads - try Steam! In addition to these resources, you might also try Steam.

    The popular digital delivery service has been providing games for Windows users for several years and has recently released a version of Mac OS X that allows gamers to purchase and download 160 titles including some big names such as the Half Life 2 series, Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe Edition and many more.

    Probably the best thing about Steam is the way in which the system allows you to install and uninstall titles you have purchased at will, without worrying too much about disk space. If you wanted to uninstall a game because of disk space concerns, Steam will let you download it again later on when space exists on your drive.

    Steam accounts are free – visit to signup!

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