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Where to Get More Software for Linux?

written by: nancydehra•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 12/29/2009

Linux is an operating system that is becoming very popular nowadays, with so many applications and software available in the market, the user experience is becoming more easy, fun and secure. Linux operating system offer more security and features than windows.

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    Users who switch from Windows to Linux usually find the latter easier to use and operate once they are fully aware with its basics. If you are also a Linux user, you must be aware of various types of security applications and software available online that help in solving individual problems and tasks and make Linux more easily manageable. There are many websites that let you download cool web tools and Linux software. The websites may offer this software for free or may charge as per the version you download and the website from which you download. Here are some applications that you can install in Linux and information about where you find them.

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    It is video editor software for Linux which can be downloaded for free online. The software is designed for simple filtering, cutting and encoding tasks. The software supports various file types like AVI, MP4, ASF, and DVD compatible MPEG files utilizing a variety of codecs. The tasks can be initiated using job queue, projects, and impeccable scripting capabilities. The software is also available for Mac, BSD, and Windows under GNU GPL license.

    Follow this link to install Avidemux on your computer

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    Codendi is open source software that uses the collaborative development platform provided by Xerox. It gathers all required tools for software management teams: versioning of code and management, documents, bugs, requirements, tests, reporting, etc. just using one interface. The software is mainly used for software project purposes and is among best office applications for linux.

    It can be downloaded using the following link.

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    It is a flexible project management web application which is written using the Ruby on Rails framework. The software is cross-database and cross-platform. It includes gantt and calendar charts to assist in visual representation of the projects and its deadlines. The software can be downloaded using the following link:

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    Project Pier

    It is an open source, free and self hosted PHP application that is used for managing projects, tasks and teams by a spontaneous web interface. Project Pier will assist your organization to collaborate, communicate, and get various things done. The function of this software is similar to that of commercial project management products. This software allows scalability and freedom of self hosting.

    Click the link to download the software:

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    Skypz Music Centre v2.3x

    Skypz Music Centre v2.3x is the advanced and most powerful Audio and Video Music Portal solution that allows you to power the new generation of complete music services website on the internet.

    This software has a flash equalizer that is synchronized to the played song. It plays unlimited number of song and video upload/ download, offers FTP support to evade uploading delays, multi-user download engine, multi-user play engine, and RSS automated feed.

    You can overview its main features and functionalities offered to members and can look out for any number of songs, video clips. It is a software that plays songs and videos built in MP3 and MP4 player. You can request for a song or video clip and also use its power serch feature. It allows lets you download various tracks, videos and clips.

    Download the software from the links below:

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    It is a universal Instant messenger that comes with instant media sharing: Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Gtalk, and IRC, stream unlimited photos, videos, music and files with anyone almost instantly. It also offers a 4 way video chat and an 8 way audio chat. You can add and delete friends simply as you do in various messengers. Once you add few people in your list you can start chatting and sharing files with them immediately.

    Click the link below to download:

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    QR Linux

    It is a data recovery software that offers you do-it yourself flexibility. The software supports EXT2 and EXT3 drives on all Linux flavors including Red Hat, Caldera, Suse, SCO, Mandrake, Debian, Sorcerer, TurboLinux, Gentoo, slackware file system.

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    Similarly, there are so many other free linux software, best security applications and best free educational games for linux can be downloaded online. There are some paid software's too.