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Emailing Photos from Your iPad

written by: Donny Yankellow•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 9/28/2012

Emailing photos from your iPad is easy to do and a great way to share photos you have stored on your device with family and friends.

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    Emailing Photos From Your iPad

    iPad I recently went on a vacation with my family and my iPad and I took my iPad Camera Connection kit with me so I could load photos into the iPad and email them to my family before we got home. Emailing photos on the iPad is very simple to do and you can either mail one photo at a time, or you can email multiple photos. Whichever way you choose, both methods are very easy to do.

    One note:

    Keep in mind that if you are on the 3G iPad and using your 3G service sending photos in an email will be counted towards the 2GB or 250GB/month data limit (in the US). Be selective in the photos you chose. When I was using my 3G iPad on my recent trip I only sent a taste of the photos I took knowing I would send more when I got home and on my iMac.

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    Email Single Photos From Your iPad

    To email one photo you start by opening the Photos app on the iPad and finding the photo you want to email. Tap the photo you want to email so it opens. Next, tap the curved arrow in the upright corner of your screen. (If you do not see it, simply tap the photo again, and it will turn on a bar with options at the top, one of which is the curved arrow.) This will bring up a list of options, including one to email the photo. Tap the email option and an email with the chosen photo will be composed.

    Address the new email and click send. If you want to type a message in the email before sending you can do that too.

    Keep in mind the email is being sent through the Photos app. You will to be returned to the Photos app after sending, not the Mail app (like one may expect).

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    Email Multiple Photos from Your iPad

    What if you want to send more than one photo in an email? You can do this too, and it is just as easy, but a little different.

    To send multiple photos you start by going into the Photos app, like before. However, this time you click the arrow button in the top right of your screen after clicking an event. Do not click an individual photo first.

    Now you start clicking individual photos that you want to email. Instead of the photo zooming in like it normally would, it should have a circle with a check in it appear in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail. This means it has been selected. To deselect it you just tap it again. You can go through and tap the photos you want to include in the email.

    Once all of your photos are chosen, you want to click the "Share" button in the top left corner of the screen, then select Email. Just like with one photo, the iPad will create an email with all of your selected photos in it.

    Address the email and click send to send it to your recipients. You can also add some content to the email, if you choose, like with one photo.

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    Emailing photos on the iPad is quick and easy, and a great way to share photos you have stored without using your computer.