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Microsoft's Top Five Wireless Mice

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/31/2010

Well known for its software and operating systems, Microsoft is also known for its incredibly popular Microsoft Mouse. Microsoft now produces a wide range of optical and wireless mouse products that favorably compete on the market. Here are the top five wireless mouse reviews of Microsoft products.

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    Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

    The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 brings wireless technology to a fully functional, compact, ergonomic form factor that is perfect for eitherMicrosoft Mobile Wireless Mouse 3500  left handed or right handed mobile users. Microsoft's BlueTrack technology enhances the optical laser tracking of the mouse so that it works on more surfaces. In fact, Microsoft says that BlueTrack enables the mouse to work on any surface except for mirrors or clear glass. The Nano Transceiver of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 snaps onto the mouse for easy transport. This mouse runs on one AA battery and is rated for a battery life of up to eight months. The mouse measures 3.75 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.

    For laptop users who don't want to be slowed down by a touch pad while working, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is a perfect solution.

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    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000

    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 Microsoft's Wireless Mouse 2000 is a top rated mouse with an economical price tag. Although it doesn't have all the features of the more expensive models from Microsoft, Wireless Mouse 2000 brings high quality, durable design to users on a tight budget. This mouse works on powerful 2.4 GHz technology to give it a range of up to thirty feet. Like other Microsoft wireless mice, the 2000 model is designed for use in either hand and features BlueTrack technology that enables you to work on almost any surface. This mouse features a tilt wheel, making it easy to scroll horizontally and vertically. This mouse measures 4.57 inches long and 2.67 inches wide.

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    Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

    Windows Wireless Mobile4000 A step up from the 3500 and just as popular, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 offers mobile users a powerful alternative to the clunky touch pad interfaces found on most laptop computers. By using the mobile 4000, users can work faster and smarter while at the cafe, library, or anywhere else there is a surface on which to work.

    This fine looking mouse is equipped with Microsoft's BlueTrack to allow users to work on practically any surface. The Nano Transceiver is compact and unobtrusive, giving users the option of leaving it plugged into their computer or snapping it into the mouse for easy storage and transport.

    Battery life for the 4000 series mobile mouse is rated at up to ten months. A built-in battery monitor alerts users when it's time to change the battery. This mouse comes with Microsoft Flip, an easy way to switch between open windows in the Windows 7 operating environment. This mouse also supports four-way scrolling and has four customizable buttons that help users work with impressive efficiency. This product measures 4.04 inches long and 2.39 inches wide.

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    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 The Wireless Mouse 5000 offers desktop users extreme comfort and functionality at a modest price. The mouse is designed for comfortable use in either hand, features battery life of up to eight months on two AA batteries, and has convenient snap-in storage of the transceiver. Microsoft's Wireless Mouse 5000 works with Windows 7 Device Stage to make management of its settings and features fast and easy. Like other devices on this list, the 5000 series mouse is equipped with BlueTrack, enabling its use on a variety of non-traditional surfaces. This mouse measures 4.59" long and 2.77" wide.

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    Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000

    We wrap up this list of the top five Microsoft wireless mouse products with the ultimate in mobile input devices: The WirelessMicrosoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000  Mobile Mouse 6000. Five customizable buttons and conformity to either left handed or right handed users, this mouse has Microsoft Device Stage functionality, Windows Flip integration, an on-off switch for power conservation, rubber side grips, and screen magnifier.