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Who Makes the Best Desktops - Rating the Manufacturers

written by: Nicholas•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 2/15/2010

Looking for a top rated desktop? There are several manufacturers battling for the spot. Big names such as HP, Dell, Asus, Gateway, and more have laid claim to having the best computers on the market. However, there can only be one winner.

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    For this review, manufacturers will be judged on Bright Hub opinions as well as consumer reviews and expert reviews from numerous reputable tech websites. Also, factors such as price and bang for buck will be taken into account. Every manufacturer makes some quality desktops and some not so good desktops. Because desktop computers come in such a wide price range, this review will take all major desktop models of each manufacturer and combine them into one rating.

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    Rating Average


    Dell's major desktop lines are Inspiron, Studio, Studio XPS, and Alienware. They also make several specific models of desktops for each product line. For example, they have four different types of Studio desktops. As far as consumer reviews from major tech websites and electronics stores, Dell Desktops have received an average of 4-5 stars. Expert ratings across the board tend to be a tad lower, with 3-4 stars However, expert ratings will not be as heavily weighed, as mass consumer opinions are really what matter. We give Dell Desktops an overall rating of 4 stars. For the most part, they are priced competitively and Dell is good at offering the latest hardware in their desktops. Dell's desktops are much better than their laptops.

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    Rating Average


    HP brands all their desktops with the Pavillion name, with the exception of the Touch Smart and Voodoo Gaming PCs. Thus, they have many different Pavillion computers. As far as consumer reviews from major tech websites and electronics stores, HP desktops have received an average of about 4 stars. There are a lot of 5 star ratings, but also a couple of 3's as well. Expert ratings for HP computers tend to be a bit lower than other manufacturers. We give HP Desktops 4 stars, making the overall rating a 4. HP's desktop computers are some of the best bang for buck in affordability on the market.

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    Rating Average


    There are not near as many Gateway reviews as Dell and HP. However, Gateway does not manufacture near as many computers as Dell or HP either. Gateway manufactures 4 major models of desktop computers: SX, DX, LX, and FX. As far as consumer reviews from major tech websites and electronics stores, Gateway has received very differing results. There are some 3 star ratings and there are some 5 star ratings. Expert ratings for Gateway computer tend to be average to low compared to other manufacturers. Bright Hub rating for Gateway Desktops is 3.75. Overall rating for Gateway Desktops is 3. However, there were not nearly as many reviews to compare.

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    Rating Average


    Asus is a lot like Gateway in that there are not a lot of reviews out there. There are reviews, just not reviews with a lot of votes. Overall, Asus Desktops have received an average of 3-4 stars from consumers and average ratings from experts. The Bright Hub rating for Asus Desktops is 3.75. Overall rating for Asus is 3.

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    Rating Average


    Although Apples aren't PCs, they are still desktop computers. Apple desktops have received overall great consumer reviews from major tech sites and electronics stores. Bright Hub rating for Apple computers is a 4. Overall rating for Apple computers is a 4. It would be a 5 but Apple computers are a tad expensive.

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    Asus and Gateway, the two manufacturers that received the lower reviews, did not have near as many consumer reviews as the other manufacturers. Within the fewer number of reviews that they did have, the overall results were good, with a couple of lower ratings.

    Apple, Dell, and HP had a massive number of consumer reviews. For the most part, they also received good reviews, across all those numbers.

    Dell makes the top rated desktop computers. However, who makes the best desktop computer will always be up for debate. All manufacturers make some lemons.

    Here is the final opinion on the top rated desktop computer:

    1. Dell

    2. Apple

    3. HP

    4. Gateway

    5. Asus

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