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Wheeled Laptop Backpacks for 17 Inch and Larger Screens

written by: Rebecca Scudder•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 10/5/2009

The first wave of laptop bags were made for 15.4 inch screens, or smaller. Now that there are many more of the ultralarges- laptops with 17 inch and bigger screens, people are looking at wheeled backpacks for transport.

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    The 17 inch laptop backpack with wheels has become a necessity for people who want the real estate of an ultralarge laptop. Bright hub looks at the best of the wheeled backpacks able to hold 17 inch or bigger notebook computers. Although the backpacks mention 17 inch screens, users have fit larger laptops into several of these.

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    Traveler's Choice Rolling Computer Backpack

    Traveler's Choice Rolling Computer backpack 

    The $49 Traveler's Choice Rolling Computer Backpack comes in black or red. It is made of ripstop nylon, and has straps to pull out and use it as a backpack when you can't wheel it up stairs. There are two compartments, as well as a gear pocket, an organizer and a water bottle pocket. The backpack has enough room for both a laptop and a night's worth of clothes too. Dimensions are 19 x 9.2 x 13.2 inches. A user review says it is sturdy, and holds a great deal more than just his 17 inch laptop. However, he said it needed instructions, as he was uncertain whether he was packing the shoulder straps away properly.

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    High Sierra Fastforward Wheeled Backpack

    The High Sierra Fastforward Wheeled Backpack does not say it is a laptop backpack in the name. However the $65 rolling backpack High Sierra Fastforward Wheeled backpack has a front loading main compartment with a specially padded computer section for 17 inch laptops. It also has an organizer in the rear compartment. Unlike some of the other wheeled backpacks, it has a single tube telescoping handle. There are corner wheels and backpack straps behind the back panel. It has the widest range of color choices of any of the rolling backpack we are reviewing, coming in colors from black to pink to bright yellow, a gray black optical pattern, blue stripes and daisies. The user reviews were mixed, because the handle was a problem for some people. It stuck or even broke in some cases, and some felt the handle protruded too far upward when collapsed. However, there were also a number of very enthusiastic reviews.

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    OGIO Commuter Wheeled Laptop Backpack

    OGIO Commuter Wheeled Laptop Backpack The OGIO Commuter Wheeled Laptop Backpack is available in black or pink, for $100. It is nylon, and holds a 17 inch laptop inside its padded sleeve. There are several pockets and an organizer. This backpack has a Pullman style handle and urethane wheels, and has tuckable shoulder straps. It appears very sturdy. Dimensions are 20 x 12 x 9 inches.

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    Carry-on Wheeled Computer Backpack by Ensign

    Our last look is at the Carry-on Wheeled Computer Backpack by Ensign. At $40, it is the least expensive wheeled backpack we areCarry-on Wheeled Computer Backpack by Ensign  reviewing. It comes in black or navy and is made of ripstop nylon. It holds a 17 inch laptop, and can also be used as a backpack with padded straps. The 13 x 6 x 19 inch dimensions meet airline carry on standards. There are corner protectors on the wheels. A see-through window allows identification information to be put on the front pocket. Multiple pockets and compartments hold binders and folders as well as the laptop.