How to Protect Your Laptop - Cooling and Cleaning a Laptop PC

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Keep it Cool

Use a cooling pad to prevent overheating. Even as laptops are increasingly designed to be lighter and slimmer, they are also being equipped with dramatically higher speeds and just as much power as the average desktop PC. Combined with the higher performance of its various drives, motors, ports and other components, a laptop can reach pretty high operating temperatures. This in turn increases the risk of overheating, which is one of the most dangerous problems your laptop can face.

A laptop cooling pad is specially designed with integrated fans to disperse heat buildup, helping prevent overheating. By dispersing the heat generated from the laptop’s operation, the cooling pad also serves to protect furniture from heat damage. Avoid working in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Keep it Clean

Clean your laptop on a regular basis to get rid of any dirt build up, which clogs up the fan and ventilation system. It is important to clean away dust and debris in the laptop’s vents and ports, which decreases airflow and heat dispersal. You can use a laptop cleaning kit for the laptop’s surface, keyboard and screen. Use a can of compressed air to clean the external ports and vents as well as your keyboard.

On the Go

Keep your laptop fully protected in a good quality laptop case when you lug it around. This is important to ensure that your laptop is fully protected from bumps, scuffs and scratches, as well as the elements. The more traveling you do, the sturdier, more protective the laptop case needs to be. Ensure that the laptop fits comfortably in the bag, because a tight, snug fit may strain the seams, making it less secure.

Protect your Keyboard and Screen

Purchase a keyboard protector as well as a screen protector. Placed over the keys on your keyboard, the protector will help prevent damage from spills, food and dust. A screen protector helps prevent your screen from damage, while increasing the clarity of its display. Make sure that you purchase a screen protector that is an exact fit for your screen, for it to be effective.