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Logitech G15 – Gamers’ Keyboard

written by: Debasis Das•edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 12/31/2008

Here's a nice combination computer keyboard. Logitech has added features that make it suitable for serious gaming yet you could use it for your regular work. It has some great features that make it desirable if you spend a significant amount of time gaming. Little pricey though!

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    The current version of the G15 keyboard came out in Dec 2007. So that’s a little late in doing a review, you think! The keyboard has some really nice features that make it very interesting for use to play games on your desktop. It is never too late to talk about a good thing! This keyboard can fit dual roles of regular use and for playing games. So if you use a desktop for work and play games too, this is a keyboard that can be useful in either role.

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    Logitech G15 Keyboard Features

    As the G15 keyboard page says on Logitech's ( site: good intel and proper gear are the keys to victory. The manufacturer claim this keyboard does both, provide you good intelligence and a tool suitable for gaming. The built in orange glow LCD panel lets you see what server other players are using and other info, such as media player display, system notifications, who is speaking in voice software, and game stats, where the game is supported. World of Warcraft is one such game. A SDK distributed with the driver CD helps application development, and community developed support is available for a growing number of games.

    All keys are illuminated with this comfortable orange glow and it is only the character that glows not the complete key top. So, whatever be the light conditions you never miss a key easily. Depending on the ambient light, choose one of three levels of illumination in the keys. You can comfortably locate the keys whatever the light condition in the room.

    What’s really an outstanding feature is the G keys. There are six of them and you could use them for single keystrokes or activate macros through each. As a further twist you can attach up to three macros to each of these keys. These macros can be created on the fly without having to stop the gaming action. The Windows key can be disabled with a switch, so that a missed keystroke won't hold up your play. For real fast action you can press up to three keys at once!

    You can get your cables organized without getting them or yourself in a tangle. Cables attach and are routed below the keyboard for convenience. The media and volume controls are the one touch + - type rather than a rotary one. For regular workaday use when you are typing out furiously, you have wrist rests on the keyboard.

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    So is this the ideal piece of hardware for this dual role? While close, the keyboard does have some drawbacks. It takes up a lot of desk space. Use of the LCD screen is dependent on finding a support file for the game you're playing. Make very sure freely distributed macros are clean before even thinking about attaching them to your keys. And worst of all the price is fairly high at about $90.

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    This is a really good gamers’ keyboard that can double as your regular one, but is pricey. It works with a whole range of games. If you play games at least part of the time and can afford the cash you should seriously think about getting hold of one