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The Best Motorola Xoom Cases

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 5/10/2011

Did you receive your new Motorola Xoom already? If you did, I'm pretty sure you're now looking for the best case to hold and protect your shiny new device. Here we examine some of the best options.

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    rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View

    This case's best feature has to be the built-in stand which gives you a comfortable view of your Motorola Xoom at a 45 degree angle. The case also has a detachable inner sleeve that reattaches through velcro. It features several business and ID slots with accessory flap, an elastic loop to hold your pen or stylus in case you're using one on your Xoom, and of course full access to your tablet's ports and buttons - making it possible for you to connect them without removing the Xoom from the case. This case is available in black, grey, magenta and red design. (Price: $43.64)
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    Otterbox Defender Series Case

    otterbox defender series xoom case 

    To be honest, I'm a big fan of the Otterbox case series. I've had several of them for different devices and I can personally attest to the fact that these cases are built to withstand the strongest pressure on your device. For its Motorola Xoom case, Otterbox gives you everything you need to feel safe that your device will not be damaged from strong impacts. It has an impact-absorping silicone skin that wraps around the outside of the case's shell and a polycarbonate shell that snaps around your Xoom. It also features a removable shield with pop up stand that provides you with two viewing angles. (Price: $89.95)

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    Acase High Quality Premium Slim Leather Case Folio with built-in Stand

    Acase High Quality Premium Slim Leather Case Folio with built-in Stand According to the manufacturer, their workers spent countless hours to produce this Motorola Xoom case. It shows, as this is a nice case made with a Litchi Grain leather exterior. Ths case is lightweight and provides ample protection for your device from scratches and impacts, thanks to its micro-fiber lining. One nice thing about this case is that it maintains the slim form factor of the Xoom. (Price: $31.95)

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    CrazyOnDigital Folio Leather Case

    CrazyOnDigital Folio Leather Case 

    Featuring a textured light brown exterior leather with a stylish brown closing tab, this case fully protects your Xoom. It has flexible straps on each corner that secures your device inside the case and holds it snug. The case sports a nice leather cover that feels good in your hand and this case can transform into a table stand horizontally. Other features include extra pockets for holding some paper documents, and a soft micro-fiber suede interior.

    (Price: $14.99)

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    Case-Mate Barely There Case

    case-mate barely there case 

    This case wouldn't be named as such if it added bulk to your Xoom. It sports an extremely slim profile and yet is made of a impact resistant flexible plastic shell - to provide ample protection for your device. This case however does not protect your Xoom's screen so make sure that you buy a good screen protector to do this job. What this case covers is the back and corners of your device. (Price: $27.95)

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