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Acer Aspire vs. Toshiba Satellite

written by: goforitandy•edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 4/5/2011

Both of these laptop series have a huge reputation as being useful work and gaming machines, but which one is better? There is a whole series we could try to compare but that would involve comparing each one in turn. In this write-up we consider two very similar models.

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    Comparing laptops for purchase can be a difficult judgement call, as there are so many models and features that compete on equal terms. The objective of the exercise when comparing laptops should be to define what you need the laptop for. If it is for gaming then it would probably be the graphics capabilities that are important, but if it's a business machine you are after, then it will probably be the multi-tasking capabilities you need to consider as being the most important.

    For this comparison, we will compare a like-for-like Acer Aspire machine against a similar Toshiba Satellite version. The comparison is of similar priced models and features, and if possible an analysis of the best machine for gaming or business.

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    Acer Aspire 7551

    The Acer Aspire 7551 has received some good reviews over the last year or so, as it is considered to be a reasonably priced laptop in terms of graphical capability, and its multi-taking features. It combines a massive hard drive (500 gig) with at least three gigs of DDR3 SDRAM. It does not come with Bluetooth, but other wireless capabilities including WiFi compensate for fast wireless access. Some models also come with a card reader, available upon request.

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    The display has HD+ capability in addition to other modes. Combine this with the Blu-ray Combo / DVD-Writer and you have excellent movie playing capability. The AMD Athlon II processor provides a sound multi-tasking capability. The battery life is usually around three to four hours, and therefore, makes it good for work on the move.

    The price of the Acer Aspire is approximately $850 dollars, depending on the supplier.

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    Toshiba Satellite Pro P300 - 28E

    The Toshiba Satellite Pro has a 17" display and a high definition graphics card, making it good for gaming, although the default operating system provided is usually a business based version. Perhaps this indicates that the manufacturer intended the machine to be used for business activities, as opposed to a gaming machine?

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    The drive provided with the machine is an optical drive. The battery life is only three hours compared to the Aspire's four or more. It has stereo speakers and wireless networking features as standard equipment.

    The default memory provided is usually 2 GB of DDR2/3 SDRAM. The hard drive is approximately 250 GB, and the display is a 17" TFT version. Three high speed USB ports provide the capability for external devices.

    This machine is generally regarded to be a good replacement for a desktop PC, as well as providing capability for work on the move. It sells for approximately $1,050 dollars but this may vary by supplier.

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    Although the Aspire is lower in price, it appears to offer quite a few more features. The additional disk space, high definition graphics, multi-tasking capability and other features such as the Blue Ray Combo on the Aspire place this machine in the lead. The features are superior, and therefore in the case of these two models the Aspire would seem to offer better value for money.

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