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Fixing iPad YouTube Delay Problems

written by: Winston Smith•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 3/22/2011

Find the best ways to fix iPad YouTube delay problems so that you can watch videos more smoothly.

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    Using Safari on the iPad (Image Credit: When it works properly, the iPad is a joy to use. Unfortunately, some situations cause the device to perform poorly. For example, you may start apps only to have them crash immediately or the email app may refuse to send or receive emals. This article will explain how to address iPad YouTube delays and receive better performance overall. At the end of the day, your iPad may not be able to match the performance of a full computer but it should come close.

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    Improve Your Connection to the Internet

    A poor quality Internet connection is one of the most common causes of iPad YouTube delays. When you have a faster and more stable connection to the Internet, YouTube and other functions on the iPad will generally work better. Experiment with these different methods to improve your iPad's Internet connection. Your first attempt to improve your iPad's Internet connection may not work, so keep trying.

    Improving your iPad's WiFi Connection

    Generally speaking, connecting your iPad to a wireless network results in the best connection. This is not always the case, however. Use these tips to improve the iPad's WiFi connection and avoid delays watching YouTube videos

    • Avoid public wireless Internet hotspots: If you are using a wifi hotspot in a cafe or library, you are likely sharing the connection's bandwidth with many other users. If you use a wireless connection at your home, the connection will likely be stronger.
    • Check the wireless signal strength on the iPad: The strength of your iPad's wireless signal is shown in the status bar. If it is less than full strength, move closer to the wireless router.
    • Use Airplane Mode: Go to Settings: then enable "Airplane Mode." Wait a few seconds and then turn Airplane Mode off. After going through these steps, the iPad will make a fresh attempt to connect to a wireless network.
    • Update wireless network settings: Go to Settings, then Wi-Fi, open on the specific network that is not working well and then choose the "Renew Lease" option. If this does not work, try the "Forget this Network" option and reconnect to the wireless network (note: "Forget This Network" deletes any saved passwords).

    Improving your iPad's Cellular Connection

    • Check the iPad's cellular signal strength: The cellular signal level is displayed in the status bar, next to the time. If the signal strength is low, go to a place with stronger connection. If you are inside a building, move closer to a window. If that does not improve your connection, you may need to get outside or go to a different location altogether.
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    YouTube App Specific Fixes

    If you try the above tips and fixes to improve your iPad's Internet connection and find that you are still unable to watch YouTube videos, try these YouTube app troubleshooting ideas next.

    • Download YouTube updates: iPad apps are regularly updated to address technical problems and add features. Sync your iPad with a computer and look for YouTube updates and iPad updates. It is possible that the iPad YouTube delay problems are being caused by some other problem on the iPad - installing iPad updates can address this problem.
    • Queue videos for playback: If you are able to launch the YouTube app but playback is slow, consider queuing the video. This can be done by starting a video and then pausing it after a few seconds. Then wait for the iPad to download the rest of the video. Once it has completed downloading, you should be able to play it with fewer problems.
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