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Choosing the Best Folio for iPad

written by: Jon Cevski•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 2/8/2011

Read this article to find out how you can protect your iPad from scratches and at the same time give it a cool look. The top five Folio for iPad accessories are reviewed.

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    Why Should You Buy a Folio?

    A folio accessory offers protection for your iPad in 3 different ways. First, it protects it from scratching. When you put your iPad in your bag it comes in contact with your keys and other sharp objects that can leave scratches on the screen or at the back of the iPad. Second, it protects it from the elements. Exposing you iPad to sunlight, rain or extreme cold can damage it beyond repair. Third, it keeps your iPad clean and smudge free.

    Another great perk to buying a folio for your iPad is the new, different look for your iPad. Some of the folio accessories can transform into a stand for the iPad, and some even have Bluetooth keyboards embedded in them that makes typing very easy and fast. Here are the best models with detailed descriptions and links to Amazon.

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    Griffin Elan Passport for iPad

    Griffin Elan Passport for iPad 

    This is a classic business folio for iPad. Its design features a slim, one peace folio that opens like a book and has flaps that close for protection. It has a soft micro suede interior with very useful pockets for papers and business cards. The Griffin Elan Passport for iPad is held shut securely by a tab closure. Its simplicity and functionality makes it one of the top five choices in this review. You can buy this accessory from Amazon for $23.25.

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    Traveler Folio Case for iPad

    Traveler Folio Case for iPad 

    This folio features a carbon fiber design with an ABS front cover. This accessory is for people who want to give their iPod a modern look. The Traveler Folio Case for iPad also offers a higher level of protection from damage because of its hard exterior. The interior is fitted with storage space for your documents and business cards. This iPad accessory can be bought from Amazon for $44.74.

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    AYL Slim Genuine Leather Case Folio

    AYL Slim Genuine Leather Case Folio 

    The AYL Slim Genuine Leather Case Folio features classic book styling. Your iPad is secured by 6 different snap-ins. The snap-ins offer firm support for the 4 different angle settings. The leather is 100 % genuine with elegant design and stitching. The inside of the folio is made from soft suede leather for extra scratch protection. The best thing about this product is the ability to put your iPad in different position that makes watching movies, typing and surfing easy. You can buy this accessory from Amazon for $38.

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    DMS Deluxe

    DMS Deluxe This is faux-leather design. This accessory is intended for people who don't like the idea of buying products made with real leather. This folio turns into stand and offers multiple viewing angles. The interior is made by material that adds scratch protection. You can also find this folio on Amazon for only $14.

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    Aidacase Folio Deluxe

    Aidacase Folio Deluxe This is probably the best folio for iPad. The best feature is the Bluetooth 2.0 Silicone rechargeable keyboard that lasts 45 hours per charge. The charging is done by a USB cable which is included in the package. The keyboard also automatically connects when turned on so that there is no need for additional adjustments other then the initial set up. The keyboard on this business folio for iPad will make typing faster and easier which makes it perfect for work and business usage. The folio can also be set up in different positions for typing, watching movies or browsing. This is truly the best folio for iPad. You can buy this accessory for $55.65 on Amazon.