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The Apple iPad - How Much Will It Hold?

written by: Michael Dougherty•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 1/13/2011

Trying to make a decision on what size of iPad to purchase? Lets take a look at what is available as well as which size will fit your specific needs.

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    Apple iPad Storage Capacity When making a decision on what Apple iPad to buy internal memory will be one of the major factors. Depending on your specific needs and what you will be using your iPad for you may be able to get away with buying the 16GB version. However should your needs be business or multimedia based you may want to opt for more internal memory which brings us to the 32 and 64GB version of the Apple iPad. Here we take a look at the iPad in terms of size and how much data, audio, video and iPad apps you can store on each version of the Apple iPad; 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

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    The 16GB Apple iPad

    The 16GB Apple iPad is a great place to start and more than enough in terms of storage for the average user. In my experience the most common uses of the iPad are cloud computing and as a device to access multimedia files stored on a network. In some cases a user will want to store their entire MP3 collection on their iPad, and if this is the case, they will want to opt for the 32 or 64GB Apple iPad. The 16GB Apple iPad can hold up to:
    • 3200 audio files (5MB)
    • 20 movies (700MB)
    • 8000 photographs (2MB)

    or a combination of multimedia files and iPad apps:

    • 1600 audio files
    • 10 movies
    • 2500 photographs
    • 40+ iPad apps

    As you can see even the least expensive version of the iPad gives you more than enough storage space should you be mainly interested in cloud computing and accessing an external network for your multimedia needs.

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    The 32GB Apple iPad

    It goes without saying the 32GB version of the Apple iPad will hold exactly double the data of the 16GB version. This Apple iPad is for those users who want to make sure their memory needs are met but do not want to shell out the $829 for the 64GB version. In my opinion this is the Apple iPad to buy, you have more than enough internal memory and at $729 the price is still reasonable. The 32GB Apple iPad will hold:
    • Apple iPad Storage Capacity II 6400 audio files (5MB)
    • 40 movies (700MB)
    • 16000 photographs (2MB)

    or a combination of multimedia files and iPad apps:

    • 3200 audio files
    • 20 movies
    • 5000 photographs
    • 40+ iPad apps
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    The 64GB Apple iPad

    This is the high end Apple iPad with 64GB of internal memory to meet all your multimedia needs. As I said above I really can't justify ever opting for the 64GB version when the 32GB version is available for $100 less. Keep in mind that I am a firm believer that the Apple iPad is more of a "dummy terminal" used for cloud computing and accessing multimedia files stored on external servers. The 64GB Apple iPad will hold:
    • 12800 audio files (5MB)
    • 80 movies (700MB)
    • 32000 photographs (2MB)

    or a combination of multimedia files and iPad apps:

    • 6400 audio files
    • 40 movies
    • 10000 photographs
    • 40+ iPad apps
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    As you can see if your storage needs are limited or you plan on storing all your data on an external network you can save yourself $200 by going with the 16GB version of the Apple iPad. If you plan on trying to store a large portion of your iTunes library locally (on the iPad) you may want to opt for more internal memory to meet this need. Keep in mind that with each increase in memory the price of the Apple iPad also increases. Lets hope you are now 1 step closer to answering the question "What size iPad should I buy"?