The Five Best iPad Accessories

The Five Best iPad Accessories
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Apple iPad Case

If you don’t want to trouble yourself choosing the perfect iPad case from the plethora of iPad cases available in the market today, don’t go any further and buy the official Apple iPad Case. Believe me, I’ve had several iPad cases before owning the Apple iPad case. And since then, my iPad never parted ways with this case anymore. The Apple iPad Case is possibly one of the best iPad folio case that you can find. It maintains a slim form factor for your iPad, protects it from bumps and scratches, and has a nice smooth grip and sleek appearance. (Price: $43.99)

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SGP Incredible Shield iPad Screen and Body Protector

SGP Incredible Shield iPad

If you’re not fond of using hard cases, designer cases and soft silicone cases for your iPad, you can still protect it from scratches and bumps by applying screen and body protectors. One of your best options for this kind of protection has got to be the SGP Incredible Shield for screen and body protection. The Incredible Shield is available in matte and glossy style but I prefer the smooth matte type with resistance to yellowing. It prevents scratches and reduces dust as well. This screen and body protector is easy to install and remove later on. (Price: $33.99)

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iPad Camera Connection Kit

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Your precious iPad can be a great tool for displaying your photography. Many professional photographers and videographers are now using the iPad for presenting their portfolios to potential clients. Even if you’re not a pro photographer or videographer you can still use it just for showing off your photography skills to your friends and family. To make it easier for your to upload photos to your iPad minus the hassle of firing up iTunes, you can have your digital cameras memory card read by the Apple iPad Camera Connection kit. You can also directly connect your digital camera via the USB hub of this kit. Some users have also tried using other USB-powered peripherals with this camera connection kit. This iPad camera connection kit is a must-have. (Price: $27.48)

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Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter

apple ipad dock connector to vga adapter

The iPad can be a great tool for presentations, but to connect it to a projector you’ll need the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA adapter. It connects your iPad to your Television, projector or other VGA display to let you see your videos and slideshows on the big screen. (Price: $24.95)

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Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

apple ipad keyboard dock

If you see yourself using your iPad as a portable workhorse for emailing, surfing the web, composing important documents, creating presentations and other important business tasks, you definitely need a real keyboard since the iPad’s virtual keyboard will give you a hard time.

If this is the case, the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock is a must-have. It not only provides your iPad a homebase for syncing and charging your iPad but also gives you an easier time typing and composing texts. (Price: $76.95)

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