Cool iPad Cases - The Top 10

Cool iPad Cases - The Top 10
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Vers Shellcase for iPad (Wood)

Want an iPad case made of wood? The Vers Shellcase for iPad not only protects your iPad but gives it versatility as well. This iPad case was made from handcrafted US hardwood or bamboo and features an easy top load design with a snug, protective fit. It was reinforced with steel for additional strength and comes with metal foot to let you use your iPad in portrait and landscape mode. The case also has a soft, scratch-resistant lining and has all the necessary openings for your iPad’s connector and speaker port. (Price: $79.99)

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SwitchEasy RibCage iPad Case


If you’re definition of cool is often synonymous with unique this SwitchEasy iPad case is probably one of the coolest cases around. What’s good about the RibCage iPad case is the fact that its design serves a protective purpose for your iPad. It is made from a ultra tough reinforced protective faux leather panel combined with elasto-PU back panel - providing optimum protection to the most vulnerable part of your iPad - the screen. The case’s bone-like structure is molded to defend against direct screen impacts as well as knocks and bumps. In other words, the RibCage is one tough iPad case to crack. (Price: $34.99)

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Quirky Cloak iPad Case

quirky - Cloak iPad Case

The Quirky Cloak iPad case is one of the cool iPad cases around because it serves a double purpose - a protective case and a convenient, versatile stand. You simply flip out a plastic support brace from the case’s inside cover to prop up your iPad screen at a low landscape angle. This angle is ideal for typing on your iPad. You can also use the case’s front cover to prop up your iPad screen from behind - allowing you to position your iPad in different angles via a friction-fit folding mechanism. This cool iPad case was constructed from sturdy non-slip silicone and durable plastic on the hinge mechanism. Its hard cover protects your iPad’s screen. (Price: $49.99)

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iPad Hybrid Tough Cases

iPad Hybrid Tough Cases

This cool iPad case is hugged by silicone material all around and protects every corner of your iPad. It also has a strong plastic shell on top that absorbs knocks. The case is lightweight and slim and does not add bulk to your iPad.

(Price: $49.99)

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Leather iPad Case by NewPCGadgets


This cool iPad case allows you to charge your iPad even when inside the case. This is one feature which other iPad case manufacturers forgot to offer with their products. The case features a sleek and stylish black finish which gives your iPad an improved look and performance. The best feature of this iPad case is the two-digit combination lock which secures your iPad from unauthorized use. It also has three adjustable angles that provides added viewing comfort. (Price: $19.95)

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Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad

Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad

If an iPad case that also provides you with a handy wireless Bluetooth keyboard is not cool enough for you, I don’t know what is cool anymore. The Kensington KeyFolio not only protects your iPad but also gives you convenient typing experience through an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard has rubberized keys that cushion your iPad’s screen when the case is closed. Features of this iPad case include a durable synthetic leather cover, full access to all iPad control, a 30-pin connector, spill-proof, rubberized keys, and an adjustable stand. (Price: $66.93)

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Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Now here’s really something cool - a case that makes your iPad looks like an old, hard-bound book. Using this iPad case will give you a feeling of reading an actual book when your are reading an e-book. It has a soft, padded, dark chocolate interior that does not distract your eyes when viewing your iPad. This padded interior also keeps your iPad scratch-free. What makes this iPad case so cool is the fact that it gives your iPad a stealth, non-iPad appearance, hence it will not attract too much attention.The case has a tough spine and hard protective inner frame that provides crush protection. It also has a dual zipper to seal your iPad inside. Another cool thing about this case is the fact that it was handmade, so each case made is unique from any other. (Price: $69.99)

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Incipio Destroyer for Apple iPad


Utilizing reinforced side rails that are held in place by screws, the Incipio Destroyer for Apple iPad ensures a snug and durable fit to your iPad while placed inside the case. This case is made of high-impact resistant, glass-reinforced nylon outer shell complimented by a soft and shock-absorbing silicone core. It provides 3 layers of defense against bumps and scratches and has silicone shock absorbing skin that holds your iPad in place. (Price: $79.99)

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Drawcase Aluminum Case for iPad


Another solid iPad case, this Drawcase Case for iPad is made from aluminum - providing excellent protection while at the same time maintaining a sleek, compact and stylish form factor and design. It has a lid which is tightly closed by magnets and includes a protective foam layer inside to keep your iPad free from scratches and well protected from crushing. The case also has a laser etched Draw logo on the casing and on its internal foam. If you don’t mind spending $200, this cool iPad case is the best protective case you can use for your iPad. (Price: $200)

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Brenthaven 5-in-1 Apple iPad Rubberized Texture Case

Brenthaven 5-in-1 Apple iPad Rubberized Texture Case

This cool iPad case offers a 5-in-one functionality. It also has a strap attachment system which is perfect for watching shows on the go. As if that weren’t enough, it can also be used with a typing stand and an EZ-grip handling system. The case’s external shell is covered with soft, metallic bronze rubberized texture that provides an easy-to-grip surface. (Price: $52.95)

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