Android Tips and Tricks for Your Smartphone

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More and more people are choosing Android as their smartphone platform. There is a fantastic range of handsets available for any budget. Google’s mobile operating system has been designed for use with touch-screen devices and it is intended to be easy to learn. You shouldn’t have any trouble learning how to navigate around but there are a lot of powerful features that may not be obvious to new users.

Learn what you can do with your new Android smartphone and find out how to unleash the extra functionality and features you want with the help of these guides.

General Android Guides

This is a great starting place for any new Android user. You can learn more about what your phone is capable of and find out exactly how to access some of the best features of the platform. You can find out how to check which version of the software you have. You’ll also find an easy to follow introduction to widgets, an excellent feature of the Android OS that you won’t find elsewhere. Finally there’s an overview of the platform.

Apps and the Android Market

Most people who make the choice to upgrade to a smartphone are tempted by the apps and games on offer. There are thousands and thousands of apps in the Android Market and many of them are free, but before you dive in here are a few tips that you should keep in mind. You’ll learn how to use the Android Market efficiently, how to install apps using other methods, how to remove apps and lots more!

Battery, Files and Malware

The single biggest disappointment for new smartphone owners is the battery life. You’ve got a powerful device that is capable of all sorts of things but if you take full advantage that battery can drain in just a few hours. Learn how to squeeze a little more from your device’s battery with these guides. You can also take a look at how to work with files on the platform. To finish off we discuss the threat of malware and suggest a few ways you can avoid the pain of identity theft.

Contacts, Messaging and Email

The primary focus of your smartphone is, of course, communication. Find out how to set up your new contacts, how to transfer contact data and how to set individual ringtones so you know who is calling as soon as your phone rings. You’ll also learn about using email with Android and there’s a guide on accessing more emoticons for your messaging and retrieving deleted texts. Android makes it easy to stay in touch with all of your contacts.

Other Odds and Ends

This section is a mixture of useful hints and tips for various purposes. If you’re disappointed about the lack of an FM transmitter then find out what your alternatives are. You can also learn about how to capture better shots with your Android camera and how to use the phone as a webcam. If you have trouble reading small text, then check out how to enlarge fonts. You can also find out how to block nuisance calls and organize your apps and files into folders. The possibilities with Android just go on and on.

Android Tips for Specific Phones

Many of the tips you’ll find here are for specific models, but you’ll find a lot of advice that applies equally well to the platform as a whole. Learn how to set up your new phone, how to customize it and gets tips for improving battery life and transferring files. There’s a feast of options on offer so grab your Android phone and get stuck in!

Are you a keen Android user? Do you have any handy tips or tricks that you’d like to share? Please post a comment and let us know.