The Best Nokia Apps for Nokia Phones

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Built-in applications in any device are good but they’re not enough for most owners of smartphones. We usually install software that gives us more options or better features. At the same time, we remove unnecessary applications that we don’t need, to save storage space and memory usage.

Most smartphones have the option to easily install software or widgets to enhance or add features to the phone. Nokia apps are part of the so called on-demand software in the market which is why Nokia decided to create their own marketplace – the OVI Store. However, there are plenty of Nokia apps to choose from, not just in the OVI store, but on other websites as well – a situation that can confuse people. You might find applications that have been rated highly, but the review is not that helpful and you can’t decide whether to download and install it on your phone. Some people don’t like the idea of trying things out themselves, unless they are positive that the application will work well and is not full of bugs.

So where can you start finding programs to add to your Nokia smartphone? Below are some of the best reviewed and recommended useful apps for Nokia phones. Some of them will work on a wide range of phones and you’ll also find Nokia applications that will only run on particular smartphones.

Best Nokia Applications

If you recently purchased a new Nokia smartphone, you’ll probably want the best applications to make it more awesome. You can seriously increase the functionality of your new phone by installing the right apps and there are apps for all sorts of interests and purposes. Most applications for Symbian devices will work on different models of phone because the platform runs on many different phones. Start your journey to find useful apps for your Nokia that will suit your needs right here with these round ups.

Making Your Phone Perform Better

Some of the most useful applications you should consider adding to your device are tools that can speed up the phone’s performance. Whether you want a better wireless connection, longer battery life or just an all round speedier phone you can get it with these apps.

Getting in Touch with Friends or Contacts

Beyond making calls or sending texts there are other methods that you can use to get in touch with friends or any contacts. You can chat using instant messenger software. This will save you the airtime or SMS usage from your subscription. It’s also quite useful for people who use prepaid SIM cards.

Managing Your Calls

Most Nokia phones do not have built-in recording software for incoming and outgoing calls, unless you use the lousy voice recorder application that does nothing but record any sound in the immediate area. Dedicated call managers for Nokia phones are the best things to use. Also, the contacts application from Nokia provides limited options to handle callers, for example it can only be configured to accept calls from groups of contacts. With the help of call manager apps, you will have more options.

It’s All About Entertainment

Most of us love entertainment which is why it’s best to have it in the palm of your hand, and you can have that by using a Nokia app. Look at these multimedia applications and crank your phone’s volume up a bit louder, it’s time to party!

Finding Your Way

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a system that helps you to find a location or identify your exact position. By installing Nokia apps to find your way when you are travelling or when you simply want to meet a friend, family member or colleague in a place that you’ve never been before, you will be able to locate and meet them easily.

Office Apps for Nokia

We don’t only use a Nokia device to make calls, chat, listen to music or podcasts, some of us have work to do. You can receive documents or files via email or online and check them out on your phone. That’s why there are Nokia programs that will help us view or manage the files easily.

Personalizing Your Phone

It’s fun and easy to personalize your Nokia phone. It’s simply done by modifying the capabilities of the phone to amuse you. You can change the wallpaper, ringtones or themes. You can download new contents to modify the look and feel of Nokia devices and there are loads of options on offer.

There are plenty of Nokia apps to choose at the Nokia OVI store and other sources that this guide may not cover but this will give you a great start in making your phone more useful. If you have Nokia apps to share, share them with us by posting a comment.


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