Your Guide to Using Google Docs

Your Guide to Using Google Docs
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Setting Up Google Docs and Learning the Landscape

If you have a Google account - for email or otherwise, it’s relatively easy to get started with Google Docs. All you’ll need is your sign-in information. Even if you don’t currently have a Google account, it’s easy to set one up. While using these free document creation tools takes some getting used to, once you know what you’re doing, it will be easy to create whatever kinds of documents you need for your project or business.

Creating Documents in Google Docs Word Processor

The cornerstone of any office suite is the word processing software. Google Docs comes with a very simple word processor. You can use this tool for a variety of tasks. Not only can you create reports for yourself, but you can also use the program for shared projects. Make sure that you understand the way the word processor works and that you’re careful not to take people off the project (I’ve done that before and have had others do that before - have no worries, though we have tips on how to get back in if you’re locked out!)

Using the Spreadsheet Creator

Spreadsheets are another important addition to the office space. If you take the time to carefully construct a spreadsheet, then you can save time in the future when you’re inputting data into the spreadsheet. There are all kinds of uses for spreadsheets from the obvious - tracking financial data and keeping grading scores - to creating a workout or lesson plan.

Using the Presentation Creator

While some people may not be fond of PowerPoint style presentations, that has more to do with how people use them, or should we say misuse them, than the concept itself. If you don’t feel like shelling out the cash or disk space for MS PowerPoint you still have options. Using Google’s presentation creator is not only free, but like other Google tools has features to facilitate online collaboration.

Other Google Docs Tools

The report creator, spreadsheet tool, and presentation tool are not the only Google Docs tools. You can also create forms, tables, and drawings in Google docs as well as store video, photos, and PDF documents. In addition to the various creative tools available in Google Docs, you can get creative by creating traditional desktop publishing documents in Google Drawing.

More Great Google Docs Projects

In addition to the standard uses of the above tools, there are many ways that the Google Docs suite can be used to simplify your life - whether it’s through tracking your projects or helping you manage students in a classroom. With a full office productivity suite that runs without anydownloading just a click away, it is hard not to want to find the time to learn more about how to use Google Docs.


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