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Dreamweaver Tutorial: Mapping and Linking Images

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 9/29/2010

In order to link an image in Dreamweaver, you’ll have to use a process known as mapping. Learn how in this tutorial.

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    Have you ever seen an image on a website that can be clicked? When you click the image, you are carried to another page. This is a linked image and can be quickly and easily linked in Dreamweaver. I will show you how to link your images in Dreamweaver. When linking an image in Dreamweaver, you will need to use a tool called mapping. You can also link certain parts of an image by using the mapping tool. I am going to provide an image that you can use for this tutorial. Please save the image below to your computer.

    How To Map and Link Your Images in Dreamweaver-image to use 

    Opening an Image in Dreamweaver

    Go ahead and create a new HTML document to work on. Then go to the top of your window and click Insert > Image. When the box opens, locate the image you saved from above. Click the image and click Open. You should see the above image in your Dreamweaver window. Press Enter on your keyboard a couple of times. Go back to the top of your window and click Insert > Image and open an image of your choice. You should now have two images in your Dreamweaver window. The point of the two images is we are going to map one and straight out link the other.

    How To Map and Link Your Images in Dreamweaver-two images 

    Linking an Image in Dreamweaver

    How To Map and Link Your Images in Dreamweaver-linking image First, I will show you how to link an entire image in Dreamweaver. We will link the second image that you inserted into the document. Click that image to select it. In the bottom panel you will need to look for the Link field. In the link field you will need to enter the link for the graphic. You can select the target for the graphic in the Target field below the link field. Your graphic is now linked. That’s how easy it is to link a graphic.

    Mapping an Image and Linking It in DreamweaverHow To Map and Link Your Images in Dreamweaver-map tools 

    Now I am going to show you how to map an image and then link it. Let’s take a look at the mapping tools. Click the image that I provided for you. In the bottom of your Dreamweaver window, you will see the properties panel. In the properties panel you will see the Map section and three blue tools. These are your mapping tools. The first tool is the Rectangular Tool, this tool allows you to map rectangular sections. The next tool is the Oval Tool, it allows you to map circular items. The last tool is the Polygon Tool, you probably will never use that one. So, we won’t worry about that tool.

    How To Map and Link Your Images in Dreamweaver-map link properties Click the Rectangular Tool. Draw a rectangle around the word Tutorial. When you draw the rectangle around Tutorial, you will notice the properties panel changed. Enter the link in the Link field for the part of the image that you have mapped. Draw a box over the buttons and link them the same way. That’s how you map an image to link it.