Looking for Free St. Patrick's Day Fonts? Here Are Four Fun Options

Looking for Free St. Patrick's Day Fonts? Here Are Four Fun Options
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Leprechaun Hats

Leprechaun Hats gives the appearance of a hand-lettered font adorned with hats straight off a leprechaun. The font itself appears old-fashioned but can mesh well with other fonts on a document.

Note - this typeface is limited to headlines or titles; the creator did not include numerals or symbols. The lower case letters are virtually identical to the upper case forms, minus the leprechaun hats.

You can download it here.



If you’re in need of a few small St. Patrick’s Day images to decorate your project, Paddy1 may be the perfect font.

It’s actually a collection of dingbats, rather than a typeface: nearly thirty clovers, leprechauns and other Irish imagery all in one place. You can use dingbats in your text easily: just set a few letters to a dingbat font and use the images you like.

AEZ St Patricks Day

AEZ St Patricks Day

Paddy1 may not provide enough dingbats for your St. Patty’s Day fun. Try AEZ St Patricks Day for almost thirty more.

In addition to the standard clovers and leprechauns, this dingbat font has horseshoes, pots of gold and even a ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’ sign that you can use in any desktop publishing project.

KG StPats

This is a fun font that combines different treatments for upper and lower case letters, perfect for invitations, posters and banners.


This Macromedia font features a Leprechaun bursting out of a pot of gold on the upper case letters, and the pot of gold only on the lower case. Note, the creator did not include numbers or symbols, and it is free for personal use only.

You can download this fun font here.

More Free Fonts

If you’re looking for a few more fonts with an Irish theme, you have several options. Font sites like Fontspace list a number of St. Patty’s Day-themed fonts.

You can also use Celtic fonts. Our list of Four Free Celtic Fonts is a great starting point.

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