Have iPhone Will Travel - Ultimate iPhone Travel Guide

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There is so much to think about when traveling, and beforehand too – all that planning to do! We’ve brought together some great articles that cover all aspects of travel, to compile this super-guide of travel apps for the iPhone.

We begin with tips and advice on planning the ideal trip, and what considerations you need to make for your iPhone before you head out the door. Traveling can be expensive too, so why not use your iPhone to track down some hot holiday deals, or bargain hotel rooms.

Now we’re on the move, we take a look at some apps whether you’re traveling by plane, car or train, and then some specific (but really useful apps) for your holiday destination. Don’t speak the lingo? No problem, your iPhone is an amazing translation tool as well.

Every other aspect of your travel has been taken care of too, in our last section that makes sure you and your iPhone can keep on the move throughout your trip.

Before you Pack your Suitcase…

An often overlooked aspect when traveling with your iPhone is data charges – you know calls will be expensive from abroad, but apps running in the background can mean mega data usage. This is just one thing you need to be aware of, our top tips will show you plenty more. Don’t forget to make sure your insurance is suitable to cover your precious phone before you leave, and why not think about making it a more green-friendly trip? Make sure you read these articles before you head out the door with your case all packed.

Search Out those Hot Travel Deals

Traveling nowadays can be horrendously expensive, but if you do some bargain hunting and planning before you leave, there are some really useful iPhone apps that can help you. Find the best hotel rooms, great travel deals, and why not consider the Trivago hotel search app?

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Being on the move can be a frantic experience, but your iPhone makes sure you stay in control whether you are at the airport, in the air, on a road trip or trying to navigate the New York subway. Not sure what the ‘‘airplane” mode on your iPhone does? We have explained that here too. Whether you are traveling by planes, trains or automobiles your iPhone is an indispensable travel companion.

Where You Headed?

Now you’ve arrived at your destination you are probably feeling pretty lost and will be clutching your iPhone like a best friend – rightly so, it can help you in so many situations. Here we have rounded up some specific apps depending on your location from LA to LV, Maui to Disney World, and further afield to Paris and London. Feeling lost with the Chinese symbols and culture? That’s the first stop on our world tour.

Learn the Lingo

Despite your best intentions to speak the local dialect there are just going to be occasions where you can’t understand what is being said, or how you might want to ask for something. We firstly take a look at a round-up of some general translation apps you should check out, as well as the more popular need for a Spanish or Arabic app to help you feel like a native.

Keep on Moving

There are so many apps to help you with travel that come from pretty diverse areas, but are nonetheless hugely useful when you are on the move. Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip there are just some apps that you need in your iPhone repertoire. Try a useful postcard app, keep track of elements of your business trip, and of course those completely, undeniably indispensable GPS or map apps - what’s worse than getting lost in a foreign land? Well, maybe your iPhone running out of battery power – yep, we got that covered too!

It seems like there are almost limitless travel apps to load up on your iPhone, but these articles offer you a selection of the best ones, with some great tips thrown in too. If you have any tips when traveling with your iPhone or have an app you wouldn’t be without when traveling then please leave us a comment.