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Most cell phone plans include a generous text messaging allowance and many of us never come close to using it. Perhaps an app that makes it easier or more fun to use would help. If you’re connected via Wi-Fi then instant messaging and VoIP apps are great ways to stay in touch because they won’t eat into your allowance and they won’t cost you anything. We take a look at apps for all three with some round-ups and some individual app reviews.

We also take a look at how to manage your contacts, how to send group texts and how to enable Emoji icons so you have loads more emoticon options. It’s time to make more of your Android messaging.

SMS Text Messaging Round-Ups

If you’re looking for a new app to handle all of your text messaging, then these round-ups will provide you with plenty of food for thought. Handcent is one of the most popular alternatives and it allows you to answer messages without having to go into the app. You can also skin it for the look you want. ChompSMS is another good one that goes for the speech bubble look for conversations which makes them very easy to follow. You’ll find a few other decent options in there too. We also take a look at some apps that will allow you to send bulk SMS.

Messaging App Reviews and Guides

We have reviews and tips for a number of individual messaging apps here. Save MMS is up first and it does exactly what the name suggests. We also take a look at GroupMe for group IM chat, Loky for added privacy and Viber for calls and SMS. The bizarre SMS Commander is a clever idea that can help you to find your phone when you’re in a hurry and our last article takes a look at the Mangler Ventrilo app for Android.

VoIP and Video Calls

Skype is the most popular VoIP app around, but it can also be used for instant messaging and video calls. We start off with a round-up of the best apps for using Skype on the Android platform. There are a number of other options for VoIP on Android and you’ll find some good ones in our round-up. We also take a look at a few video call options that allow you to stream and receive video. You’ll find the pros and cons discussed in these reviews so you can decide whether they are worth trying out or not.

Instant Messaging

BBM is often described as the killer app on BlackBerry smartphones, but you can get a similar experience on Android. We take a look at few apps that will give you BBM-style communication on your Android smartphone. There’s also a review of the popular IM+ app and then a round-up of a few different IM apps for the platform. Our last article takes a closer look at Google’s offerings for staying in touch with your friends.

Group Texts, Emoji Icons and Contacts

There are times when you’ll want to be able forward texts to groups of contacts and with our guide you can learn how easy it is to do. We also take a look at Emoji icons so you have more emoticon options for your text and instant messaging discussions. Our last article deals with keeping your contacts in order and you’ll learn exactly how to add, edit and delete them.

As you can see there are lots of options for Android messaging. What are your favorite IM, SMS and VoIP apps on the Android platform? Post a comment and tell us about them.


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