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The invention of templates for Microsoft Office is one of the greatest word processing events in history. The time it saves is incalculable. The professional designs have already been tweaked so you know they work. No more messing around with inserting pictures and setting innumerable tabs. Just drop it in and go.

Whether you are looking for a professional template to use for an inner office memo or searching for just the right flyer to entice people to come to your event, we have what you need. Take a moment to browse our wares and drop us a note to let us know if you had a good time and found what you needed, if there are any templates you wish we had but don’t, or if you’re just feeling a bit zany.

Professional Documents

To create a professional-looking document that appears as though you slaved over it all night, check out these business minded templates. In a simple click, you can drop in a fully formatted invoice, create a cover letter or produce company letterhead. This is only the tips of the iceberg. In the top 10 cover pages, you get unique looks and styles that produce entirely different feels with the same text.

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Even an informal document, take a flyer for instance, is most effective when it is well designed. These templates offer you multiple takes on several common events including car washes, open houses and carnivals. Dig a bit deeper and see what you can do with some of the full color flyers that are available. You will find some bake sale flyers, one for a spaghetti dinner, another one for a yard sale, and five or six for use by local clubs.

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In Home Solutions

Speed up your housework with an easy to print chore list or organize your favorite recipes with a cookbook template (and how will you format the recipes themselves - we have two choices for you). The home solutions templates offer simple solutions for hard to format documents.

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Looking for that perfect background for your Christmas flyer? We have it. What about a nice Thanksgiving feast? Yup, got that too. Want to write a fancy letter to the Easter Bunny? You are covered. There are even patriotic and devotional templates for nearly every occasion**.** Take what you want, we’ll make more!

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Brochures, Pamphlets and Newsletters

If you run a small business or a local organization, these templates will make your communications smoother as well as more cohesive. We have three-fold pamphlets, single-fold brochures and several unique newsletters. The number of combinations is countless and you can change the color schemes with the click of a button. Create a one of a kind look for your group in no more time than it takes to bake a pie.

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I probably shouldn’t have mentioned pie up there but after looking at the patriotic templates, I am craving a homemade apple pie. Maybe you will be too after browsing through our templates for all occasions guide. Maybe you won’t, but if you are I apologize completely (the good news is, with all the time you saved using these templates you have plenty of time to run out to the store and pick up a fresh-baked pie from the bakery).