A Collection of Fourth of July Fonts

A Collection of Fourth of July Fonts
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2Peas Fourth of July Font

The big-blocked letters of the 2Peas Fourth of July font is a good choice for an informal invitation or menu. It has upper and lower case letters, as well as numerals and symbols. The only thing missing is accented letters. The hand drawn letterforms are easy to read. They could easily be used for any project you will be doing this year!

BodieMF Flag Font

You’ll have the US Flag’s stars and stripes in every letter if you use BodieMF Flag in your project. The font is entirely capital letters — there are lower case letters, but they’re simply smaller versions of the same letterforms. This typeface does include numerals or symbols, so it can be used for just about anything. In large bodies of text, however, BodieMF Flag is not ideal. Because of its design, this typeface can be hard to read in large quantities. It’s great for headlines or titles, though!

Bodie MF Font

Americanic Font

For a few patriotic images to accent your Fourth of July project, consider Americanic. This font is actually a set of dingbats , which are small images you can place in your text just like letters. Americanic contains nearly 40 different images, including American flags, monuments and even a bald eagle. There are also a few images of Presidents, like President George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

Americanic Font

Summers Firecrackers Font

If your Fourth of July plans include fireworks, the Summers Firecrackers font may be perfect for your desktop publishing project. Each letter is set in a firecracker, perfect for highlighting important information or headlines. This font isn’t complete — it’s missing punctuation and symbols — but it’s ideal for small portions of text.

Summers Firecrackers Font

U.S.A. Flag Font

The USA Flag typeface also combines the stars and stripes into one font. The characters have a bold style, ideal for headlines and highlighting important information like locations and dates. However, setting lengthy pieces of text in this typeface may be less useful as it may be hard to read. It’s also advisable to avoid setting this font very small — the stripes within each character are attractive but can make them difficult to identify in small sizes. The lower case letters are identical to the upper case. The font does have numerals but only offers a partical set of punctuation marks and symbols.


Independence Font

With Independence, you can add sparkle to any project. Each letter has at least one star incorporated into the design. The effect makes these characters stand out, although a little caution may be needed in using it as the ‘c’ and ’e’ are difficult to tell apart. The typeface has a complete set of lower case letters and numerals, but does not offer upper case letters. It does offer some punctuation marks.


Want More?

Other fonts can be found on font websites like Fontspace. They even maintains a list of fonts created for Fourth of July projects. Fontspace’s fonts are available for free and work on both Apple and Windows computers. You can also find other patriotic fonts by searching for keywords like ‘flag’ or ‘fireworks’.

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