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Tutorials to Make Advanced Photography Simple

Better your photography by learning basic photographic composition techniques. From mastering the Rule of Thirds to using leading lines within your images, this article series is a great starting point for any photographer.

Many find that taking photos at night come out with lights being blurred or streaky. Your digital camera can actually take a good night photo if you know how to take night photos. Another tricky light subject is rainbows. Because they are often dim and fuzzy, a digital camera doesn’t always get its full effect. Studying this tutorial on how to take rainbow photos will help.

Taking photos of silhouettes sometimes are a result of error, but when planned can offer a dramatic effect. Read up on how to photograph a silhouette to learn how to keep light off a subject while keeping the background light.

Taking pictures doesn’t always have to be so serious. Try something different by using different trick photography techniques that doesn’t require you to be an expert or be armed with a costly camera. Believe it or not, you can also create 3D photos with your camera that will amaze you and your friends.

This depth of field tutorial will not only introduce you to the term, but lend some knowledge about how you can adjust your camera just right to get that perfect focus.

People and Action Photography Tutorials

When friends and families get together for an event, members love to get group photos of everyone. Be ready to take group shots by reading a tutorial about taking the best group photos. It also may be the time you first meet the newborn family members, so be prepared to take the best baby photos. Perhaps you’ve been asked to take photos at your cousin’s wedding, take pictures they’ll cherish forever by learning wedding photography tips, tricks and techniques.

Time doesn’t stop you just because you’re taking a photo. This action shot tutorial will help you catch the kids playing sports and clearly capture other fast-moving subjects.

The infamous Red Eye effect can instantly ruin your best photos. Why not learn how to prevent the red eye effect from occurring in the first place?

Using custom white balance settings may not come to mind to the beginner photographer, but it can’t hurt to know. Setting the proper white balance will help the true image come through in the photo. Current cameras on the market do a pretty good job, but aren’t always 100% reliable. Check out the tutorial on white balancing to learn about it and be ready to use it. Shutter speed is another important aspect when getting the best pictures. Be certain to know how to use shutter speed to your advantage.

You just purchased a brand new cell phone that includes the latest camera technology available. While it won’t compare with an expensive digital camera, read about getting the best from your camera phone tutorial.

Nature and Wildlife Photography Tutorials

Nature can be found right in your backyard or while you hike up a mountain trail. Not everyone thinks about bringing a camera while on the lookout for wildlife, so be sure to pack one in the bag and learn how to take photographs of nature.

A zoo can offer the easiest way to see the wildest of creatures. Unfortunately the animals aren’t always easily viewable, whether it’s from crowds, cages, or distance factors. Learn how to take better photos at the zoo when you are faced with taking photos through bars or cages, what time to visit the zoo for the best photos, and most importantly, how to photograph the zoo animals themselves.

Planning on taking a beach vacation? It’s a favorite due to the hot sun, the ocean, and the relaxing sand. For a camera, these elements can be a nightmare. Read up on the tutorial about how to take beach photos so your photos won’t end up getting washed out.

Do you think close-up photos or macro photography is for the pros? Think you need a special lens or expensive camera to take pictures from a few inches away from the subject? Think again! Read a tutorial on how to take close up photos with a basic camera.

Digital Photography Software Tutorials and Reviews

Not happy with your shots? Something is in the photo that shouldn’t be? Maybe it was a bit too dark? Whatever the worry, there are plenty of applications available that let you edit your photos. Here’s a list of the top 10 free photo editing programs to help you decide what’s right for you and your digital images.

If free photo editing software isn’t satisfying your editing needs and you’re considering purchasing an image editing program, take a look at this review of the new Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. This photo editing program is affordable and sure to meet your photo editing needs. Considering upgrading your copy of Photoshop? This Adobe Photoshop CS4 review will help you decide if it’s worth the money.

After you purchase photo editing software, there’s a lot to learn. It can be overwhelming to the new user! Or maybe you’ve had the software for a while now but have left a lot of the features unexplored. Bright Hub’s digital photography software tutorials are easy-to-follow, often provide illustrated instructions and will leave you with a better understanding of the way your photo editing program works to better your digital images. Take for example, this Paint Shop Pro tutorial will teach you how to install and use the new background remover plugin that comes bundled with the Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate package. From converting your photos to black and white to removing unsightly blemishes from your photos, these Photoshop tutorials will teach you how to tweak your digital images to look their best.

But it doesn’t stop at photo editing software; did you know that WinZip has new technology called PhotoZip? This WinZip review will explain what these new features means to you, as a digital photographer. If you already have WinZip, here’s a tutorial to learn how to compress a JPEG file easily using WinZip 12.

Have you accidentally deleted photos from your PC or saved over original copies? Diskeeper Undelete 2009 is a program that helps you recover lost images, and not just from your PC. Undelete can recover images from your digital camera, even if they were deleted four months ago!

Before you show your best photos to the public, be sure to protect yourself and your images by adding your mark. This article on watermarks will explain why you should use a watermark on your images, what information should be included when watermarking and provide you with additional tutorials on how to create watermarks and add them to your photos using photo editing software, such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro.

From Amateur Photographer to Pro Photographer

Part of becoming a better photographer is learning and mastering your digital camera’s exposure controls, learn about ISO settings, aperture, shutter speed and more with this tutorial on understanding exposure.

What should you do with your photos now? Have you ever considered using them to make some extra money? This stock photography tutorial will help you understand what stock photography is and also provide you with helpful resources to get you on your way to earning money with your photos.

Did you know that food photography sells? This is especially true if you’ve managed to capture a celebrity on camera stuffing their face. This tutorial series, called Delicious Imaging, will help you learn everything you need to know about food photography and how you can make money from taking pictures of food.