Biographies of Famous Photographers

Biographies of Famous Photographers
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Photographers Over the Years

From the first cameras that took eight hours to produce a photo to the digital images we can generate instantly today, photographers have given us a plethora of famous shots that enhance our lives. Good images show a picture; great photos produce a feeling or thought, or catch the colors, textures and details of an event.

This guide leads us down the path to learn what it takes to become a great photographer through the biographies of famous photographers. Look into the lives of camera-bearing people that have caught history on film. War pictures to fashion shoots and prestigious people to landscapes, these photographers have captured pictures that evoke emotion and details of the world around us, leading us to a better understanding of faraway places.

Fashion Photography

In the world of fashion, photographs are the key to marketing the latest trends, colors and textures. A fashion photographer can capture the model’s expression as well, in a light that gets across the clothing attitude and depth. These biographies of famous photographers of the clothing world provide an in-depth look into what it takes to get started in the world of fashion.

The Art of Portrait Photography

80px-Mathilde Heine photography

Portrait photography has captured many a famous face over the years. Since the introduction of the camera, photographers in this genre have dug deep into the souls of their subjects through a simple twinkle in the eye, a smile or even stern facial features. The emotions a good photographer picks up through body language or facial expressions speaks volumes in the sentiments behind the picture. Learn about photographers who have given us the gift of capturing moods and moments in time are featured through articles and pictures for a better understanding of how it is they got their start.

Nature Photography

800px-Male mallard flight - natures pics

Famous names in nature photography have caught amazing views of animals and plant life in close up form, allowing us to study and view the world around us. Without nature photographers, we wouldn’t have the stunning images in National Geographic and magazines of the nature genre to learn from and enjoy.

How did photographers make a name for themselves in this category? The “eye of the tiger” and wrinkles of an elephant are caught in natural settings photogs who got their start through hard work, humble beginnings and patience. Find out more about some of the most famous nature photographers in the world.

Landscape Photography

Rocky Landscape

Places or items in our landscapes that we may not normally consider artistic are brought to our attention through the works of great photographers. They capture the art of concrete buildings against a beautiful sunset or skylines that reveal amazing lines and details. A good artist’s eye encases the cold feeling of cities with warm feelings brought out through color, lines and texture. Discover how they got their beginnings in giving us pictures that are still admired today and will be throughout history, all through the eyes of a camera.

War Photography

Black Flags under French command

The victories and sadness of war has been recorded through photographs throughout our history. We are given the true feeling of victims of wartime horror with a single black and white photograph. The fear, tears and moments that will never be forgotten have been brought home to us by a handful of photographers that made their way into life-threatening situations. Eddie Adams captured one of the most famous pictures of all time: a man’s expression as he has a gun placed to his head by the enemy. Learn more about war photographers who have placed themselves in harm’s way to record wartime tragedy in-depth and bring it home for all to view.

Potpourri of Styles

458px-Princess Marina 1934

Various other forms of photography exist as well, such as artistic, wedding, baby and even travel photography. The array of photography genres is expansive. Anything seen with the eye can be captured on camera, giving us a host of variations in photography.