Your Complete Photography Business 101 Guide

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Getting into the business of photography, or advancing your photography career, is one of the most liberating quests you can encounter. There are, however, important aspects to this undertaking that must be considered before taking the plunge. Once you understand, and put these key components into effect, starting and owning your own photography business can be a rewarding experience. Discover the answers you need here in this photography business 101 guide, and explore different genres of photography while also learning what it entails to start-up, own and operate a business of this kind.

Getting into the Stock Photography Business

Stock photography may appear to be the simplest of the lot - there are the obvious perks of course with working at your own pace and being in complete control of what pictures make the cut. However, if you want to make money and strive in the stock photography business, you need to know how to apply yourself and set up shop, as well as to acquire the necessary resources, tools and licenses. Proceed further and expand your horizons on just how to go about getting your stock photography business off the ground and becoming successful.

Establishing a Photo Studio

If setting up a photo studio is the direction you would like to take in establishing your photography business, then there is a critical list of tasks that needs to get done beforehand and during the preparation stages. The smart thing to do is to first draw up a photography business template to create a business plan, seek out the best office space and location as well as look into the finances, advertising, inventory and so on. Take a look at some helpful guides to get you started and also to advise you on how to effectively manage the day-to-day operation of your photo studio in today’s economy.

Freelance Photography

For more freedom in your career, freelance photography is the way to go and becoming a successful freelancer should be your main concern. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the freelance photography business, there is always something new to learn in the ever-changing, ever evolving market, especially that you are catering to a much broader clientele. Check out this overview to help jump-start and maintain a profitable and legitimate freelance photography career.

The Wedding Photography Business

Perhaps the most popular genre of them all, wedding photography is fun, rewarding and has a straightforward routine that photographers can feel comfortable being creative and more experimental. Enjoyment aside, there is a business side to this type of photography that is imperative so as to establish high standards, deliver quality service and ensure a smooth operation. Feel free to read further and get the answers you need in creating a solid business plan, establishing a budget and pricing schedule plus choosing the best equipments for the job and much more.

Owning Your Pet Photography Business

Must love pets, have plenty of patience and an eccentric sense of humor – one would think the criteria for opening a pet photo studio or becoming a pet freelance photographer is simple and meet the basic requirements mentioned here. Well, if you learned anything by browsing through the previous sections of this tutorial, you would know that there is a business side to this type of work. With this photography business guide, you will see that even though there are different genres in the field of photography, there are some business concepts that are consistent all the way through and must be exercised to effectively manage your photography work.

Photojournalist: Getting Your Foot Through the Door

As a photojournalist, you can make quite a pretty penny with the right contract, connections and the know-how in the business. Getting your foot through the door in this type of industry is not the easiest task and will require the appropriate credentials, experience and/or skills in the initial stages. Also, it would be in a photojournalist’s best interest to have knowledge in areas of sociology, history, political science, and international relations to name a few. These are key elements in capturing compelling and mind-blowing photos that will convey the story being told and hit home for those viewing it. Learn more and kick off your career in photojournalism with this round-up.

Becoming a Sports Photographer

Sport photography is an exciting area of the trade; it can entail immense traveling and lead to many rewarding opportunities. This type of photography is not just for anyone however, in order to be successful in this field you must have an understanding of the sport you are covering, the proper equipment, and the skills. With the right guidance and consistency in your work, there is a chance you could make a living from this career.

Good Luck

While this photography business 101 overview didn’t cover other popular areas of photography such as travel photography, fashion photography, culinary photography, event photography or architectural photography to name a few – launching or running a business in either area can be a similar experience in more ways than one.

Having the skill and passion in a specific type of photography can drive any individual to apply what they learn here and elsewhere, all while making a great impact in the world of photography. It’s that passion that encourages photographers to continuously explore their craft and the industry in which they work. Photography is a timeless profession, and a much-needed one. For those of you who are making the necessary steps in furthering your career - love what you do, keep current and good luck!


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