Girl Wars Online: Increasing Your Number of Bad Girls Dissed

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Bad Girls Dissed

You can follow similar advice for all of The Godfather games, but increasingly they are straying from specific doctrines that they had in the beginning. What is true in Girl Wars Online and the rest of the library from The Godfather, is that you are judged statistically against other Girl Wars Online players. This means that your conception of how well you have performed is going to relate directly to the numbers and how they shape up against those of other Girl Wars Online accounts. This extends to things such as girls dissed, dissed count, fights won and fights lost. One of the most specific of these Girl Wars Online statistics is Bad Girls Dissed, and the more you have the better you are going to look when paired up against other Girl Wars Online players.

It is often difficult to win Bad Girls Dissed, as the people who are in this position are often hard to beat in the challenge. There is a way to work around this and increase your Girl Wars Online Bad Girls Dissed without compromising your number of fights won and fights lost.

Upping the Numbers

The first thing you have to do is go into Cat Fights, which is under Events and above The Mall when you are at the main Girl Wars Online Home screen. Find a person to fight here that you are convinced you can beat. This means that they have a mob count that is less than that allowed by their level.

If you are above that limit, you can almost guarantee that you will win every fight with that Girl Wars Online player. Select to View that Girl Wars Online player profile, and once there begin attacking them. Do this until they are in the Hospital, and you are not able to attack them anymore. After this, slap them again once or twice to ensure that they have a very low life.

Now look to the right of the Fight button and hit Add to Bad Girls. Bad Girls Dissed, which is really like a bounty list, is where they will appear once they have received the bounty. Select Bad Girls from the lower task bar in between Invite and The Diva. Once here find the Girl Wars Online player that you put on the Bad Girls menu and attack them.

At this point you will probably only need to attack once before killing them. You then also receive most of the bounty that you placed on them. Though you cannot attack a Girl Wars Online player who is at The Spa normally, you can if they are a Bad Girl Dissed.

Girl Wars Online Tips

This is the easiest, and fastest, way to add to your Bad Girls Dissed number, but you have to make sure you have the money for it. You are going to have to pay a lot of bounties and you will not get all of it back. Wait until later levels to do things like this.

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