The Ultimate iPhone Tips and Tricks

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General Tips and Tricks When Using Your iPhone

Learn all about the nifty things that you can do with your iPhone. All these articles will guide you to maximizing the power of your iPhone. Perfect for first time iPhone users, these guides will help you to familiarize yourself with the hidden secrets and features of your iPhone. From shortcuts to power saving tips, tips when powering up your device to downloading games and apps, it’s all covered here.

Using Your iPhone Camera

The built-in camera has always been one of the iPhone’s best features. With the iPhone 4 having a 5 MP camera and with the slew of photography-related apps available in the App Store, it’s no wonder that the iPhone’s camera has proved so popular. The iPhone 4 camera also records high-resolution video. Learn how you can get the best results with your iPhone camera with these helpful tips and tricks. You’ll also find out how to tweak your iPhone’s settings to be able to watch better videos.

Taking Care of Your iPhone

Unfortunately, no matter how good the iPhone is, at some point in time it will suffer a breakdown. The good news is, you can prevent that from happening. Learn how you can take care of your iPhone to ensure that you’ll get the most out of its life span. I admit that I failed to follow most of these tips. Thankfully, my iPhone 4 is still fine. From cleaning your iPhone to charging tips and more, find out how you can extend your iPhone’s life by a few more years.

Application-Specific Tips and Tricks for Your iPhone

While iPhone apps are useful in making you more productive, you must also know that these apps also have their secrets. Learn how to take full advantage of the most common apps that you install on your iPhone. From Facetime, to Skype, to Safari tips, these guides will help you make use of those apps to the fullest. We also have a couple of useful guides on using your iPhone’s email features. Email is also one of the most used features of the iPhone.

Using Your iPhone’s Other Features

Still in the mood for some more tips and tricks for using your iPhone? Well, there are some more and they pertain to other features and functionality of your iPhone. Discover how these other features can help you to become more productive as well as to maximize the usage of your iPhone.

There you go, your best guides for getting more from your iPhone. Whether you have the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, you’ll find most, if not all, of these tips and tricks truly useful and worth reading. We’re pretty sure there are other tips and tricks for the iPhone. If you know something important, please let us know by leaving a comment.