Fun & Serious Guide to Android Educational Apps

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Although we have covered some simple little apps to help you along your way here, such as fun toddler games and dictionary apps to help your spelling and comprehension, there are more complex offerings too. There are games for science learning, apps for paralegals, language translation apps and even a good few for teachers too.

Popular offerings like flashcards and math apps are looked at in detail, so whatever your stage or age there will be an app to improve your knowledge and education.

Top Ten Android Apps for Students

Here we pull together a whole range of apps that will make students’ lives easier. They provide help with keeping track of homework, solving math problems, scientific calculators and flash cards for the Android phone – to name but a few. You can even get periodic tables and encyclopedias on your smartphone. Whatever you need help with, these apps have got you covered.

Top Picks of Android Multiplication Tables

These are some of the best apps for helping youngsters with their times tables. They help make teaching and coaching the often complicated world of multiplication into an enjoyable and productive experience. As a parent you can even monitor their performance and progress. They are wonderful tools to help students, and many have other math functions besides multiplication too.

Android for Teachers - Grade Control & Lesson Plans for Android

There is a whole range of apps and software to help teachers now, but the convenience of having it all on your phone means you never need forget anything for that lesson ever again. Here we look at some great apps to help teachers, including lesson plans, study guides, grade tracking and even attendance.

What are the Best Android Flashcard Apps?

Although we all likely used the standard flashcards for learning common words when we started school, in fact they can also be very effective used as a learning aid no matter what age you are. The beauty of flashcard apps is that you can customize them according to subject and even create your own for those words and facts you are having trouble remembering. Learning the vocabulary of a new language for example is a great way to make use of flashcard apps.

Best Math Software for Android

Math seems to be one of those subjects you either excel at, or you try to make the best of. If you are in the last category, then here are some great apps to make the task a whole lot easier from quick and fun teasers, to tests of skills, and a lot of tips thrown in along the way.

More Math - Android RPN Calculator Apps for the Serious Mathematician

When you need something a little more than a simple calculator, Reverse Polish Notation calculator apps are what you need – and they are more common than you’d think. Of course that doesn’t mean that all the options are good and who has time to figure out the good from the bad when studying? We’ve done the hard work for you here so take a look at your options in this guide.

Top Five Android Dictionary Apps

No matter how much of a smarty-pants you think you are, there will always be a word that stops you in your tracks and you’ll realize that you aren’t entirely sure what it means. We’ve herded together the best dictionary apps for Android to help stop all that head scratching when reading your textbooks.

Review of Free Dictionary Org Android App

When you’re writing up that report do you often think “how do you spell that?” well sometimes word processor spell checkers aren’t that helpful, and certainly not when you have to write something up by hand. The free dictionary org app can help you with this, and a whole lot more besides – find out what, in our review.

Pardon? Round-Up of the Top Language Translation Apps

No matter how hard you study, you are bound to come across a word in your language homework that you just can’t decipher. Why lug around a huge language dictionary when you get all you need on your Android phone? Many of these apps will also offer a spoken pronunciation too so you know exactly how a word is said, as well as written, and what it means in English – pretty nifty huh?

Best Android Apps for Toddlers

Learning isn’t just for school-age children, you can start your toddlers education off right in a fun way with some educational apps. Many of them focus on improving fine motor skills, but also include things like learning colors, simple puzzles, ABCs and learning numbers.

Top Android Apps for Kids

Moving up the age range with these apps, children can get to grips with literacy and numeracy, improve their skills and concentration and have more fun than they would with conventional coaching software. There’s a good range here to keep most age ranges occupied whether boys or girls.

Best Educational Games for Mobile Phones

Learning is never more fun than when it’s dressed up as a game. All age ranges are covered in this games guide from toddler to adult so there’s something for everyone. Learn about dinosaurs, matching objects, memory games, money games, spelling, brain training, and math games. They are all given a place here to keep you edutained!

Android Alchemy Mobile Game Review

This is one of those games that you might frown at to begin with, but before long it becomes quite addictive. You are given four elements to begin with and have to combine them to create new elements. The educational aspect of this game is high, though, as you get facts about the elements you have created. Science was never so much fun!

Android Apps for Paralegals & Law Students

The law is a complex beast, not to mention all that documentation to wade through, and horrendously large reference material. Fear not, as there are some amazing law apps that can help you, meaning much less space taken up on your desk as everything you need is on your phone. These apps look at both criminal and civil law, and cover a diverse range of subjects.

Top Ten Android Quiz Apps

This round-up of the best quiz apps on Android looks at quizzes with varying different approaches and diverse subjects. There are some options here for kids, but the majority of apps are aimed at the adult market. So test how much you’ve learned on your educational journey with Android.

So, there we have it, the conclusion to our education on Android from young to old, simple to more complex, and fun to serious. Hopefully we have covered all ranges of education and learning in this guide, but please let us know if there is an educational app that makes your life that much easier by leaving a comment.