Best BlackBerry Voice Recognition Software

Best BlackBerry Voice Recognition Software
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Dragon for Email

Have you ever needed to type an e-mail but your hands were tied up with driving or involved in another important task that involved both hands? Simply click the side button of your BlackBerry, or whichever button you designate to access the Dragon app, and speak into your BlackBerry in your normal tone of voice. This amazing app allows you to free up your hands to complete important tasks as it recognizes your voice and translates the speech to text. Dragon for Email is free BlackBerry voice recognition software designed specifically for your e-mail and it types out what you speak quite accurately. Click here to download Dragon for Email!



MyCaption allows you to speak into your BlackBerry and types out your messages whether you’d like to send an e-mail or text message. With the click of a button, speak freely into your phone as it offers high accuracy and punctuation for your messages. With the 30-day free trial, you can send approximately 20 short messages and download the full version after the trial has ended. Regardless of your speech, this app will recognize your voice and type your message effortlessly as you speak into your phone. Click here to try MyCaption for free for your BlackBerry!

Vlingo – Voice App


Vlingo allows you to not only have your text messages and e-mail messages read to you, but you can use your voice to update your status on Facebook and Twitter, and search the web using Google or Yahoo! You can also use your voice to send a text message to other Vlingo BlackBerry users all for free! Vlingo Plus for $19.99, gives you unlimited access to send an e-mail, text, chat via BlackBerry Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, and Windows live. Click here to try Vlingo for free your BlackBerry!

Voice on the Go

Voice on the GO

Voice on the Go allows you to send e-mail, text messages, and update your status on Facebook and Twitter all by speaking into your BlackBerry. This voice recognition software allows you to send your e-mail and text on the go to free up your hands while driving or while doing other tasks that involve your hands. Voice on the Go is free for 30 days and $5.99 per month for unlimited use after your trial has expired. Click here for Voice on the Go for your BlackBerry!

Voice to Text

Voice to Text

Voice to Text allows you to speak your messages using your natural tone of voice whether it is a text message or e-mail that you would like to create. Once you have created your message, you may edit it before it’s sent. Voice to Text also allows you to synchronize your e-mail and calendar with the software to be more productive. You may purchase the Voice to Text BlackBerry voice recognition software for just $8.99. Click here for Voice to Text for your BlackBerry!


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