A Guide to Fitness & Health-Related Blackberry Apps

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If you want to get in shape, improve your fitness, learn to relax or even quit smoking our guide to fitness, diet and health apps on BlackBerry is what you need. Fitness isn’t just about using a personal trainer app (although we have that covered too), we need to take a look at the whole package which is why we begin with evaluating your current fitness levels.

Fitness apps abound in the BlackBerry App World, but we’ve tracked down only the best ones that are worth your time – even if it’s just an app to monitor how far you’ve walked or how fast you’ve run. You can even get organized and plan your own regime and workout route before you start. We take a look at some specific apps for running and walking because there are so many of them, but cycling, swimming and golf are looked at too, if one of those is your sport of choice.

Of course no fitness guide would be complete without those all important diet apps. Whether it’s just becoming more healthy, keeping an eye on your calories, or following a specific diet, there are some great options to install on your BB.

Then wind down at the end with some relaxation and meditation – body, mind and soul all taken care of. Bet you’re feeling better already!

Before You Start - Preparation is the Key

Like with any other project, if you want to be successful, preparation is hugely important. Get off to the right start by quitting smoking, finding your ideal body weight, and monitoring your BMI. One of the easiest ways to transform your BlackBerry into a fitness force to be reckoned with is to install some top MP3 players – music is a great motivator when you are working out and can even improve your performance.

Get Up & Go Fitness Apps

So now we’ve got the basics sorted out, let’s get stuck in with some top fitness apps to get you moving. Whatever your fitness level, or whatever kind of exercise you want to do, there will an option here to suit you. We’ve taken a look at some round-ups of great fitness apps as well as reviews of more popular options to give you a better idea of what you can achieve.

Keep on Running (Or Take a Gentle Stroll)

One of the most popular ways to get fit, that anyone can take part in, is going for a brisk walk or having a jog. Luckily there are some truly wonderful apps that can help you. Even if it’s just something as simple as monitoring how many steps you are taking in a day, so you can try to beat it again the next day, or recording the distances you’ve walked overall, it’s a great start. Or for those of you who like to take their jogging more seriously, you can measure your speed or plan your workout route beforehand.

Fight the Flab!

It’s no secret that diets are big business, but many diet and calorie counting apps for your BlackBerry are free and really are handy to have. Of course we’ve covered the more general diet apps, and those that track calories, but if you are venturing on the WeightWatchers program, we’ve reviewed that app for you too, or maybe you just want to eat a little more healthily and want to try out a vegetarian diet.

Go Cycling, Golfing & Swimming with your BB

Taking up a new hobby is one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight, as you are more likely to take part in something if you enjoy it. Perhaps going for a bike ride, playing a round of golf or going swimming is more your scene and you want to up your performance to improve your overall fitness. There are round-ups here for popular sports apps and we also take a look at the best waterproof cases that keep your BB dry when you are swimming, or taking part in any other watersports.

Workout Time Is Over - Look After Body, Mind & Soul

So here we are, at the end of our workout and it’s time to relax. Take some time at the end of your exercise regime for some relaxation and meditation. There are not only apps that help with this, there are those that provide white noise if you really have trouble shutting-down – also great to help give you a wonderful night’s sleep, ready to get up and go for your workout tomorrow. Oh, and don’t forget to keep a log of your fitness achievements to keep you motivated.

Health and fitness is such a vast field, but we’ve covered most of your options in this BlackBerry guide. If you have a favorite app, or think there’s something we’ve left out of our diet and fitness guide, then please leave a comment below.