Major Computer Security Software Companies Offering Protection for PC's

Major Computer Security Software Companies Offering Protection for PC's
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Security Software Vendors for Windows and Mac computers

There are plenty of computer security software companies offering solutions for protecting home, office and business (small, medium and enterprise) computers. Some security software vendors provide free security software with limited functionality and support.

Different antivirus vendors use different techniques for detecting and repairing computers with malicious software infections. They implement different methods of protecting PC’s by providing signatures and heuristic and cloud-based detections. Others include community-based and Host-based Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) to report a malicious or suspicious activity in the computer or network. A number of security software vendors also include a sandbox mechanism, allowing users to run applications in isolated or protected mode.

Below are the major computer security software companies providing malware and network protection for Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.

Avast, AVG, AntiVir, BitDefender and Outpost

CA, Comodo, Emsisoft, NOD32, F-Prot and F-Secure

Security Software Companies and Certifications

Security software products are certified based on certification tests done by independent testing companies or groups. Some security software will pass virus detections but fail in virus removal tests. Ideal security software should pass both tests to gain confidence from existing and potential customers.

Below are the rest of the major computer security software companies offering security solutions for home and office or business environments.

VirusBarrier, Kaspersky, Ad-Aware, McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Intego – The popular provider of antivirus solutions for Mac operating system. The company offers VirusBarrier for Mac and it

    One of the computer security software companies: Microsoft

    was first established on 1997 in France.

  • Kaspersky Lab ZAO – Kasperskys’ headquarters is located in Russia and was founded on 1997. The company offers Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security and PURE for home users. Business solutions are also available. Check-out this Kaspersky vs. Norton article.

  • Lavasoft – The widely-used anti-spyware developer of Ad-Aware was founded in Sweden on 1999. The company continues to offer free Ad-Aware Internet security and the commercial products for home and business.

  • McAfee – The California, USA-based security software vendor was founded on 1987 offering McAfee antivirus and McAfee Total Protection. McAfee acquired SiteAdvisor and continues to offer the freeware version, in addition to offering the Plus edition.

  • Microsoft Corporation – Microsoft offers security solution for licensed users of Windows. Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials are offered as free security solutions for home. Small businesses with 10 computers may also use Microsoft Security Essentials. Medium and enterprise users can take advantage of Microsoft Forefront.

Panda, Sophos, VIPRE, Norton, Trend Micro and ZoneAlarm

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