How to Keep a Network Secure

How to Keep a Network Secure
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The Internet has transformed the way we do business or communicate, but it has opened the door to security threats. Important data can be lost, private information can be violated or network connectivity can be lost if you don’t use tools offering proactive security and multiple layers of protection. Find out in this guide how you can truly secure a network without compromising the need for easy access to information.

All About Network Security

It’s best to understand the importance of security at home or at work so you can identify risks. You also need to know that it’s not only hackers or malware can put your data in danger but also vindictive employees and even human error. Get started by checking out the articles below so you will know how all computer users could be impacted by network security breaches.

The Problem

A disgruntled or a mischievous staff can damage or snoop on your customer’s private data. Trojan horse programs and other types of malware may be residing on your computers. These are some of the problems that you have to face if you don’t implement proper security and protection. Check out the following articles that describe network security threats and common mistakes in securing a network.


After understanding the sources and types of security threats, it is now easy to know how you can safeguard your network. There is an extensive selection of technologies, ranging from firewall protection to antivirus programs, that provide protection for all areas in a network. You can also use dedicated vulnerability scanners to easily identify the weak spots. Here are some software reviews and comparisons of different network security tools.

Your Responsibility in Protecting a Network

It’s important to set-up security policies when you set up a network, whether it is a local area network (LAN), virtual LAN or wide area network. Security policies should not only be regularly checked but also enforced. You’ll find more in the linked articles below.

Guides and Tips

Do you know that there are extra options that you can use to enhance the security of your wireless connection? Are you planning to use network monitoring on Linux without comprising system performance? Check out these handy tips and guide so you will know what to do, just in case things go wrong.

Training and Certification

Are you looking for top network security courses online? Are you interested to sending your employees to computer security training? Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further than this guide.

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