A Guide to Great Mac Software

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Software Determines Success

A computer is only as good as the software it runs. While this is a bit of a bold statement as there are many aspects that make a computer or operating system good, in the end the vast majority of people want to run fun, good, useful and productive applications. So software matters and we are here to discuss the best recent Mac software available for OS X. Read on for a full overview of the best OS X software, logically divided by category!


Mac’s can definitely be great productivity tools. There is a vast majority of Mac users that use their system as a workhorse. Especially those active in the more creative industries see benefits of using OS X over Windows or Linux. As a result, Mac’s have a wide range of productivity tools and software, as outlined in the following articles.

In the Office

No computer can ever be useful without proper office tools to work with. Although Windows might still be the preferred operating system for most companies, Mac’s can definitely hold their own. Lets check out the best office software available for Mac.


We all need media in our lives; there is no denying it. Your Mac can be an excellent partner in fulfilling this need. Not only are there excellent media playing applications on OS X, it is the preferred platform for creating it from start to finish. Whether you want music or video, the Mac is the machine for you!


Internet applications are also well represented on the Mac. At first the lack of Internet Explorer may seem like a disadvantage, it has now almost become a reason to go with a Mac. Almost all major browsing platforms are represented on the Mac so that Internet junkies do not have to suffer. Continue reading for some excellent Internet applications for Mac.


Gaming has always been an area where the OS X platform has lagged behind. Gamers will never opt for a Mac as their preferred platform as there is simply not enough choice. Some games occasionally do make it to OS X, but it is never too consistent. In terms of games, the choices are indeed slim, but that does not mean there is no fun to be had. Especially for the occasional, casual gamer, the platform has enough to offer. Lets see what the Mac has in store for you in terms of gaming.

Software on OS X, There is Something for Everyone!

There is a lot to choose from in terms of software for Mac users, whatever the interest or profession. Although the Mac still lacks significantly in some areas as compared to the PC’s, such as gaming, it excels in others, such as media management and perhaps productivity. In the end it is up to your personal taste what you prefer. With OS X increasing its share in the operating system charts, you can be sure Mac’s software catalogue will only increase!