Five Reasons to Use Apple's Compressor

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Apple’s Compressor is one of the top video conversion software’s available on the market, not just as part of Apple’s Final Cut Studio package. Its processes in almost any video editing workflow is top of the line and can lead many people both in the professional and amateur realms to rely on it. Here are five reasons to take a look at Compressor instead of other software you may be trying out.

Codec Library

Compressor has a large number of possible formats for conversion, including several presets. This means that for pretty much any post-production needs you can look to the list of possible codecs and find what you want. If you are not completely sure as to which one you need you can find one that fits your purpose, such as DVD authoring.

Blu-ray Disc Authoring

Few video compression or conversion programs are setting you up to be able to convert for Blu-ray disc authoring. Though our media consumption is heading up the technological ladder quickly toward singularity, it is still difficult to find one that is reasonable for those ready to burn their own Blu-ray discs. Compressor gives an MPEG-2 option that goes with Blu-ray, as well as things like standard definition and others.

iPod Video Conversion

Compressor has an easy set up for compressing for the iPod or iPhone. There are dozens of iPod video converters available on the web, but most are difficult to work with and do not have options for any other format. Compressor keeps this as one of the standard presets, which means that you can just export using it for pretty much any video you are in post-production for or really any other video that you have resting on your hard drive.

Progress Viewing

Compressor has a nice infrastructure for transparency that is unheard of for a program of this kind of resourcefulness. It allows you to not only watch the progress of the compression, but also the very specifics of the video and audio and the estimated amount of time for each. This makes it much more practical in tight situations.

Reliable Conversion Software

One of the final reasons to jump on board with Compressor is that it is still one of the most reliable compression and conversion programs. Though it is attractive to jump toward more independent software and freeware it is hard to compete with an application that almost always gets your work done accurately and in a reasonable time frame.

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