Complete Guide to Adobe Premiere Elements Tutorials

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From Beginner to Pro

No matter how much experience you have with Premiere Elements, you can find the answers you need in this roundup of tutorials. Perhaps you are shopping for video editing software and are not sure whether Adobe Premiere is right for you. The review, overview and comparison articles listed will help you make an informed decision. Learn basic editing, file importing steps and advanced special effects with easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions. Should you have a problem with your software, you can obtain expert assistance as well in the thorough troubleshooting tutorials below.

The Most Easy to Use Video Editing Software for Beginners

Adobe Premiere Elements is one of a handful of simple to use editing programs. Compare its tools, features and price tag with similar applications. Flip back and forth through these slides for straightforward, insightful information.

Reviewing Adobe Premiere Elements 8

Sometimes you can get your hands on a previous version of popular software and save some cash. Before you choose this route, though, it is wise to determine whether it has all of the characteristics you need. Learn the pros, cons and an overall assessment of this version.

Adobe Premiere Elements 9: What Does It Have to Offer?

Available for both Mac and Windows, Premiere Elements 9 offers some marked improvements over its predecessor. Some of these features include the ability to share videos on some of your favorite social networking sites and improved import capabilities. Find out an expert’s opinion on all that this edition has to offer.

Adobe Premiere Elements 10

If you love to have the latest software available, you will want to look into Adobe Premiere 10. Review the program’s features and learn some valuable tips, as well. Vivid screenshots provide a realistic view of what you can expect from this application.

Beginner’s Guide to Editing With Adobe Premiere Elements 9

Simply because you just starting out with the video editing software doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on a project to get great results. Tutorials geared toward your specific needs can help you learn your way around the program. Discover how to trim clips, modify speeds and more.

Basic Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning shortcuts helps you become more skilled and efficient in any application. While many programs have similar basic keyboard shortcuts, there are some handy time savers specific to Adobe Premiere. Find out how to use tools, panels and more by simply pressing a couple of keys.

Understanding Masks: Adobe Premiere Tutorial

Masks enable you to cover a specific section of an image and make changes only to your desired selection. Premiere Elements offers a variety of masks, so you can choose the one with the result you desire. Discover some of the most popular masks and comprehensive steps on using them effectively.

Importing EXE and Other Files With Adobe Premiere

EXE files are executable files, which means that they install or run programs. Can you import this type of file into Adobe Premiere? Find out why this is not possible as well as the types of files that are compatible with this software.

How Do I Import a Flash SWF File Using Adobe Premiere?

SWF files enable you to play Flash animation. These elements are ideal to incorporate into any Premiere Elements movie. Learn what you will need to download to use SWF files and find tips on working with them once you do.

Tutorial on How to Lighten Up a Dark Video With Premiere Pro

A video that is too dark can be disappointing. Before you delete your shadowy movie, try utilizing Adobe Premiere to make it viewable. These uncomplicated steps could have you sharing your video in no time.

How to Make an AMV Using Adobe Premiere Elements

Setting anime clips to music is a fun and trendy way to make a music video. Fortunately, Premiere Elements makes it easy for you to do so. Discover the straightforward method that allows you to use the clips and music of your choice.

Blurring a Face in a Video With Adobe Premiere

Most of the time, you want to be able to clearly view the people in your videos. Sometimes, though, you need to conceal someone’s face, such as when you have filmed a bystander without his or her permission. Learn how to use Video Effects to blur faces in your videos.

Ideas for Adobe Premiere Elements Slideshow

Slide shows are effective for training and business promotion as well as personal use. Adobe Premiere allows you obtain graphics from your desktop and create a seamless presentation. Follow the steps in this tutorial to create a custom slide show or edit an existing one.

How to Add Audio to Adobe Premiere Elements

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but viewers may be left wanting more if your video consists of only images. You can add music to or even narrate your films with Premiere Elements. Learn how to insert audio and sync it with your movie.

How to Create Special Effects Rain With Adobe Premiere Elements

Special effects can take a so-so video and make it so cool. One optical effect you can add to your video is simulated rain. Check out this tutorial that shows you precisely how to do so.

How to Create a Submenu in Adobe Premiere

Using submenus allows you to skip to specific points in your video, which can be beneficial for longer movies or training videos, for example. Determining scenes is the first step to breaking up your video in this manner. Find out how easy it is to add scene markers and submenus**.**

How to Work With Green Screen and Adobe Premiere

Chroma key compositing lets you layer two images to look like one. Green screens are a popular method for achieving these layering effects. Learn how to film and edit videos for the most polished green screen results.

Distributed Rendering - Shorten Your Premiere Project Rendering Time!

Also known as parallel rendering, distributed rendering allows you to work with images on multiple computers. Adobe Premiere does not currently offer a straightforward means of doing so. However, you can learn a workaround that will help you achieve similar results.

Frame Error Problems in Adobe Premiere Elements

Errors are especially frustrated when you are midway through your video project. A “failed to return a video frame” error can stop you in your tracks. The most common reason for this issue is gaps in your Video Timeline. Learn how to resolve this and other potential causes for the error.

Preventing Audio Sync Errors With Adobe Digital Video Editing Software

While Adobe Premiere does simplify the process of adding audio to your videos, every application has its issues now and then. If you are receiving audio sync error messages while editing your movie, you don’t need to start again from scratch. Follow this troubleshooting guide to locate and resolve the problem quickly.

Adobe Premiere Elements is a feature-rich and easy to use video editing program. Learning how to use it to its fullest will make it a worthy investment. Although it will take some time and patience, employing these tutorials can help you maximize its benefits.