How to Design Advertising Brochures That Best Market Your Product and Business

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The Right Fly at the Right Time?

If you want to know how to design advertising brochures for optimum effectiveness there are many tips and techniques to bear in mind before you get to the finished product. The whole process is analogous to fly fishing in a way. The fish are like potential customers; they can be finicky because they have a whole bunch of options floating by them usually, and they don’t want something that doesn’t strike them as genuine and alluring. So the brochure, much like the fly, must look appealing and be full of the catchy, delicious-looking content that draws them in. You only have precious seconds to lure your prey in, so use the design and presentation tips presented here to make the best brochure you can.

Start With Your Purpose in Mind

Although you can certainly make an all-purpose brochure to cover different scenarios, it’s a good idea to choose the type of brochure that will best suit your advertising needs. Will this be a leave-behind brochure or an inquiry/survey both designed to leave with potential clients, at a restaurant or a bank, or with a prospect that you just met with? Direct-mail brochures are self explanatory but must be really well thought out to make it past people’s aversion to junk mail. Then, there are brochures specifically designed for sales calls. You’ve got to gauge your targeted demographic to know how general or specific (should specifications and technical jargon be included) it should be depending upon which of these situations you anticipate using it for the most. In other words, do you really want all your products or services on there or more specific information once a potential client’s interest is already sparked in one direction? If you’re thinking you’d rather go in a simpler direction right now, check out The Best Free Flyer Templates On the Web. Flyers are easy and they can be quite effective.

Think Like a Fish

As important as it is to know your business, keep abreast of your competition, and anticipate and adapt to constantly changing social and economic factors in your niche. It’s equally important to know your targeted audience. Is it your prices, professionalism, or the types of products or services that you offer the thing that will appeal to them most? Will focusing on intricate technical matters pique their interest or turn them off? What key points have driven sales in the past? Focus on building your brochure about your finest points to make customers take the bait. Know your competition, a lot of flies will flow down the river but the fish only take the most appealing of them. How can you be most helpful to a customer in the presentation of this information?

The Zone of Attention: Good Writing and Great Images

Once you’ve decided the type of brochure you will design and have the idea it will be built around, the content must then be chosen wisely. The writing must showcase the talents, credibility, and advantage of investing in whatever wares or assistance your business offers. Good writing will reflect professionalism and the fact that you take pride in what you do. Pictures and images that entice are usually a great idea when considering how to design advertising brochure that is effective. Organize your points wisely in a cohesive manner that builds upon the idea or theme you chose from what we talked about above. The images should correspond to the text. The design should almost be like a story in that it has a beginning, middle and an end.

Building Specifics

Now that you’ve determined the type, theme, content, and a few images you’ve got to decide the overall layout that it will have. What size do you want and will it be a two-fold, three-fold for example? How much room should you reserve for the text you’ve decided upon and the images you picked? What will be on the cover? In this age of short attention spans, you’ve only got a precious few seconds to get a bite.

Contact for Landing Them

All your efforts would be moot if you don’t give the potential customer all the means to get in touch with you so they can decide what is most convenient. After all the creative energy you put into it, this brochure will create a need in them to want to call you.

Methods to Design with: DTP Software and Templates

Now that you’re versed in what goes into designing an advertising brochure; it’s then time to choose the method and we’ve got all the DTP software you can use together with tutorials on how to use it right here for your convenience. Free Brochure Templates to Promote Your Small Business leads you to free online resources with ready-made brochures. Click on the following links for tutorials on how to design it using Microsoft Publisher 2007, Microsft Word, or Adobe Illustrator. Finally, be aware that our DTP channel here has all kinds of solutions for small businesses and their marketing needs. Have a look around to see what other marketing materials might work nicely in concert with your advertising brochure, and thank you for your patronage here.