Free Religious Easter Backgrounds for Church Invitations, Flyers and More!

Free Religious Easter Backgrounds for Church Invitations, Flyers and More!
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Easter is the time of year when churches have cantatas, skits, singing, and more to celebrate the rising of Jesus. This is also the time when people like to make invitations, flyers, bulletins, and other projects to spread the word about their church’s event. Many people also like to make their own greeting cards to send to friends and family online. In this guide, we are going to take a look at five really great religious Easter backgrounds that can be used for many different projects.

To use the backgrounds in this list, please use the links at the end of this guide located in the Resources section.

Easter Clipart Frame Style Background

The Easter Clipart Frame Style image is a cute little background that could be used for church flyers, church invitations, or Easter greeting cards. I can’t really see it being used as a church bulletin. This background has four corners with a different egg in each corner. In the top, left corner is an egg with a cross. The other eggs are decorated with spots and lines. You can download this background to your computer, open it in a graphics editor, and create a really cute greeting card for Easter. All you will need to do is add your text to the card.

Easter Clipart in Purple Background


The Easter Clipart in Purple background is another beautiful image that would work with greeting cards, invitations, or flyers. In the bottom, left corner are three eggs – one with a cross – and the background is purple with a touch of pink.

This background can be saved and opened in any graphics editor and quickly turned into a card, flyer, or invitation. If you are a Photoshop or Illustrator user, you could also use brushes to add even more graphics to the background. With a little text, you will have the perfect design.

Blue Background with White Cross Background


Next up on this list is the Blue Background with White Cross. This particular background would make a beautiful bulletin for church. You could use the background as the front cover of the bulletin, or you could print it on the entire sheet of paper, fold it and the cross would be on the front and the gold would be on the back. You would also need to type your text and flip the paper to print the text on the other side. This background could also be used for creating a greeting card.

Cross on Calvary Background


The next item on this list of religious Easter backgrounds is the Cross on Calvary image. Looking at this background, I think it would make a beautiful church bulletin. You could fold it the same way I described in the section above, or you could use the background as the front cover. This image would also make a beautiful greeting card. Simply add some beautiful text to it and you will have a great Easter card to send to family and friends.

Cross of Christianity Background


The last Easter background in this list is the Cross of Christinanity. This is a pretty glowing cross on a blue background. I think this image would work best as a greeting card. With the beautiful glow of the cross, you could use a blue text and type your message on the glow part to create your card. This option may also do well as a bulletin cover, but I don’t think it would work well with flyers or invitations because of the limited space to add text.


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