How to Create Photo Slideshows Using Adobe Lightroom

How to Create Photo Slideshows Using Adobe Lightroom
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The Slideshow Module within Adobe Lightroom is specially designed to help create stunning slideshows. It has a variety of options which are very simple to use and can help create slideshows using Adobe Lightroom within minutes.

The left panel contains the following

  • Preview option which shows a preview of the selected image,
  • Templates section which contains Lightroom templates and user-defined templates for creating slideshows
  • Collections section which shows the various collections present in the catalog.

Tools available in the Right Panel

The following are the various sections present in the Right PanelAdobe Lightroom - Slideshow Module

Options Section

This can be used to zoom the image to fill the frame, add a stroke border to the image, and cast shadow to the image**.**

Layout Section

The Layout section can be used to select the Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins and also show guides to indicate the area within which the image will be displayed.

Overlays Section

Slideshow - Overlays

The Overlays section can be used for the following

  • Add the Identity Plate as an overlay - Can be used to add creator information to the image
  • Add Rating Stars as an overlay - To display the image’s star rating during slideshow
  • Add Text Overlays - Used to add captions to the image

Backdrop Section

Obtaining the right combination of light, perspective and background is crucial for most photos. Hence choosing a suitable backdrop for a slideshow becomes important.

The Backdrop section can be used for the following

  • Add a Colour Wash to the background - Adding a background gradient in a particular colour
  • Add a Background Image - Using another image as background
  • Add a Background Colour - This is used in conjunction with the colour wash

Titles Section

Slideshow - Titles

The Titles section can be used for the following

  • Add an Intro Screen to the slideshow
  • Add an Ending Screen to the slideshow

In both cases, a suitable colour can be chosen, the Identity Plate option can be selected, and either the existing Identity Plate can be used, or can be edited as required and scaled for display.

Playback Section

The Playback section can be used for the following

  • Add a Soundtrack to the slideshow
  • Choose a Slide Duration for the images
  • Randomize the order of display
  • Choose a loop option to repeat the slideshow

The Preview and Playback options can be used to view the slideshow. The slideshow can be exported as JPEG files or as a PDF. By using the above options, one can create stunning slideshows which can be posted online and shared with everyone.

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