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Are you interested in taking up digital photography as a hobby? Perhaps you’ve owned your camera for some time now but would like to explore the world of photography a little deeper. If you’re a beginner, there’s a lot you need to learn to help you create the best photos your camera and imagination allow.

Getting Started in Photography

“Beginner” is a rather vague term when it comes to photography; it could refer to somebody who has picked up a digital camera for the very first time; “Beginner” can relate to somebody who knows the very basics of photography, but has not even begun to delve into the world of their camera’s manual settings. As an amateur photographer, you may know your stuff when it comes to composition and exposure, but are new to the world of a certain aspect, or technique, of photography, such as stereo photography or travel photography.

Whether you’ve been trolling around photography forums or reading up on your digital camera’s user guide, you may have come across terms or abbreviations that you are unsure of their meaning. This beginner photography article on common abbreviations and acronyms will help you understand popular photography terms and direct you to helpful articles for a deeper look.

Photography Composition – Written with the Beginner in Mind

Taking a great photo doesn’t just consist of pointing your camera and pressing the button. If you’d like to learn more about photography composition, this article series was designed with the beginner in mind. Learn all about filling your frame, backgrounds, rule of thirds, using leading lines and so much more.

Take Control – Know Exposure

Any photographer wanting to take control over the final results of their photos should understand what exposure is all about. More specifically, this article will explain what ISO is and how to change your digital camera’s ISO settings to get the results you want. This beginner photography article explains shutter speed and provides some tips and general guide lines to follow. If you’re clueless on what f-stop and aperture are, this photography article has you covered. What are the two key elements to controlling depth of field? Find out with this depth of field tutorial.

Photography Techniques for the Beginner

Food photography is an industry in itself. Learn tips and tricks that will help you take the best photos of food, including ways to sell your food images!

If food photography isn’t your forte, perhaps animal photography is. This photography article will teach the beginner how to take great animal photos, whether it be a family pet or a wild buffalo.

Oftentimes, becoming a new parent also results in becoming a photographer, this article on how to take fantastic baby photos will have you taking photos of your bundle of joy like a pro. Here is an additional article that can help, here you will be provided with 5 tips on how to take great photos of children.

Did you know you can create 3D photos with nothing more than your digital camera? Learn how by clicking here.

More beginner photography articles on specific photography techniques include:

Architectural Photography


Glamour and Fashion Photography

Group Photography

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

Infrared (IR) Photography

Kite Aerial Photography

Portrait Photography

Sunset Photography

Travel Photography

Wedding Photography

Beginner Photography – Learn from the Pros!

Who better to learn photography from than a professional? If you’re a beginner in a specific photography technique, these interviews include helpful tips and advice to get you started.

Commercial Photography

Outdoor Photography

Smoke Photography

Spa Photography

Travel Photography

Beginner Photography - Understanding Your Digital Camera

Are you using your digital camera to its fullest capacity? Are you discovering new and exciting features on your digital camera but haven’t a clue what exactly they do, or how to use them properly? Learn what a histogram is and how it can help your photos look their best, or read up on your digital camera’s metering modes. How about discovering the art of panning to capture brilliant fast-action photos? As a beginner, perhaps you’d like to explore the difference between prime lenses and zoom lenses or find out more about lens hoods. If you’re having troubles deciding which lens filters will best suit your photography needs, this article describes several filters and what sort of photography they’re good for.

Photography Tutorials

Beginner photography has never been easier; these photography tutorials make advanced photography super simple. From photography techniques to popular software tutorials, it’s all here!

Digital Camera Buying Guides & Reviews

As an amateur photographer, you’re going to want a digital camera that works for you and with you. You aren’t going to want to miss that “once in a lifetime” shot because you’re fumbling with all your camera’s features and settings. You also don’t want to miss that perfect shot because your camera wasn’t up to the task of performing in low-light conditions. This digital camera buying guide will offer helpful advice on what to look for when buying a digital camera and direct you to digital camera reviews for simple point-and-shoot cameras and DSLR cameras.

Seek and You Will Find…

These beginner photography articles listed above are just a taste of what you’ll find in Bright Hub’s Digital Photography channel. If you’re looking for something specific and didn’t find it here, simply search the keywords of what you’re looking for and I’ll bet you’ll find something helpful on the topic!