10 Fun & Simple Photo Craft Projects - Learn How to Get the Most from Your Digital Photos

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Fun Photo Crafts!

If your life has been anything like mine, since the dawning of digital you have quite literally thousands of pictures that you haven’t done anything with, other than store on your computer or a hard drive and browse through them every now and again. Enough is enough! It’s time to take out your favorite photos and give them the recognition and display they deserve. These article series will show you all sorts of ways to use your photos in new and innovative ways so that you can appreciate personalized crafts all over your home! There’s something in here for everyone.

Fun Photo Crafts for Children:

For younger children, making photo bookplates is a great way of including them in an easy craft and also fostering their desire to read. Making a photo family tree is a simple craft that can help them better appreciate family and also displays as a beautiful craft in a child’s room. Making a photo-coloring book is a great gift for a young child.

Photo Crafts for Teenagers:

For teenagers whose friends can change as quickly as the trends and who love to personalize their living space, making a wall of photos is a great and simple activity that will allow them to change out friends without a second’s delay and still add personal style to a room. Turning an old CD case into a picture frame allows your teenager to get rid of some of the clutter and still show their personal style. Making a memory board or turning a corkboard into a picture frame are both great activities to get some of the clutter off their desks and still allow for total personalization.

Photo Crafts any Adult Would Love:

Don’t forget the parents! A photo tote bag is a great idea for mom, a photo bouquet makes a great home centerpiece, and what member of the family doesn’t like finding a sticker with a loved one’s face in an unexpected place?

These are all simple, easy crafts to help you to incorporate more of your photos into your everyday life, and my simple instructions will allow you to make professional looking crafts with your favorite snaps. Let’s get started on fun photo crafts!

This post is part of the series: 10 Fun Photo Craft Projects!

This article series will provide you with 10 fun and inexpensive photo craft projects. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, your digital photographs will finally get the attention they deserve. These photo craft projects are great for the whole family…even teenagers!

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