Complete Guide to the Nokia N8

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With the release of the N8, Nokia has shown that they are still committed to producing powerful high-end smartphones. It may be the last of their flagship devices to run the Symbian operating system as they move forward with a new line of WP7 devices.

In terms of specs the Nokia N8 can compete with any smartphone on the market. It is well designed and boasts an impressive AMOLED touch-screen display and an amazing 12 MP camera. There’s support for 720p HD video recording, a whopping 16 GB of internal storage and room to boost it further with a 32 GB microSD card. All that storage makes it a perfect multimedia device for music and video. It also offers free turn-by-turn navigation and there’s support for Office documents as well.

The N8 may be slightly hamstrung by the Symbian operating system which is lagging behind the competition in terms of accessibility and availability of apps and games. However, this is still an impressive smartphone and it’s well worth considering for any consumer seeking a new handset.

In this guide you’ll find details on the phone, recommendations on the best software and a range of tips to help you get started using it.

Nokia N8 Review: Nokia’s Flagship Smartphone

Learn about the design, the specifications and the host of features offered by this Symbian powerhouse. You’ll also find details of its impressive performance. If you’ve been wondering why the N8 caused a stir here’s your answer.

10 Reasons to Buy a Nokia N8

If you’ve been considering taking the plunge and buying yourself a new Nokia N8 here’s some extra motivation. These are the top ten incentives to go ahead and get this smartphone. Find out all about the features that you can’t afford to miss.

Getting Started with the Nokia N8

You’ll find some valuable help here so that you can get up and running with your new device. Make a start personalizing your Nokia N8 and find out how to handle messaging, multimedia features and Office documents.

Setting Up Email on Your Nokia N8

Delve into your email options and find out exactly what the email client on the Nokia N8 is capable of with this guide. You’ll find easy to follow step-by-step instructions with screenshots so that you can get your email accounts configured and working.

Learn How to Get the Most from Your Nokia N8

This in-depth guide is positively packed with hints and tips to help you take full advantage of the capabilities of this smartphone. You’ll learn how to work with contacts, how to use the navigation feature, how to take awesome shots with that 12 MP camera and lots more!

Top Five Free Nokia N8 Apps

Everyone loves a freebie and there are some great applications for the Nokia N8 that you can download and install for absolutely nothing. This round up features five of the best options for any N8 owner.

Top Ten Apps for the Nokia N8

Here’s another range of handy software to extend the functionality of your smartphone. There’s a top notch browser, some navigation help and an exercise app that uses the GPS function of your phone to help you get into shape.

Protect Your Nokia N8 with Eset Mobile Security

Find out how you can safeguard your Nokia N8 against malware and cybercriminal threats. This review of the Eset Mobile Security app provides you with all the details you need on this useful software.

Explore with the Nokia 3D World Gaze App

Get the lowdown on an amazing app for your Nokia N8 in this review. World Gaze uses your built-in GPS functionality to bring you a unique new perspective on the world around you. This is a must-have app for your smartphone.

Guide to Resetting Your Nokia N8

There are times when you’ll want to reset your Nokia N8. If you are experiencing some kind of malfunction or perhaps you’ve installed a faulty application then resetting your phone can fix the problem. Learn the right way to go about it here.

Nokia N8 Versus the iPhone 4

Learn how the Nokia N8 measures up against the amazingly popular iPhone 4. This comparison focusses on the price, style and operating system differences to determine which device is the better option for you.

Comparison of the Nokia N8 and the HTC EVO 4G

Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of the Nokia N8 are when compared to one of the leading Android smartphones on the market. Learn which of the N8’s features stand out and how the two devices measure up in terms of apps and games.

Nokia N8 Versus Google Nexus S

Can the greatest Symbian smartphone ever released compete with Google’s flagship Nexus S? You’ll find out in this comparison as the devices go head to head in various categories including design, display, platform, camera and connectivity.

Top Nokia N8 Accessories

It can be useful to have a few accessories for your smartphone. A case is essential to protect it but you might also consider a back-up charger and a charger for the car. You’ll find a couple of good options here.

Top Five Nokia N8 Cases

Here are five more options for protecting your Nokia N8 from bumps, scrapes and drops. You’ll find a range of stylish leather cases and a silicone skin as an alternative. When you spend this much on a high-end smartphone you need to make sure it is protected.

What do you think of the Nokia N8? Is it a great smartphone worth picking up? If you have an opinion or any other tips for Nokia N8 owners then please post a comment.