Comprehensive Guide to Samsung Apps: All Samsung Phones Covered

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The problem when compiling a guide on Samsung apps, is that Samsung make phones that support many different platforms. Although the majority of Samsung devices run on Android, there is also the proprietary Bada, J2ME, and now we have Windows Phone 7 invited to the Samsung party. So we have a nice mix here to keep all Samsung owners happy. It’s an idea to find out which OS your phone is running, if you don’t know already, but to save your blushes we also have a section on finding the best apps according to your phone.

We first take a look at Bada and Samsung apps, before moving onto phone-specific apps, and then on to those must-have apps; the ones like security and battery monitors that we all need no matter what phone we have.

And then there are those apps that were on your phone when you first turned it on and you haven’t got a clue what they do, or how to use them, so we take a look at those too. Let’s get going!

Samsung & Bada

We kick off with a visit to the Samsung App Store where we take a peek at the best Samsung phone software to start you off.

If you have a Samsung Wave or a Samsung S 5750 model there’s a big chance that the OS you’re running on there is the Samsung proprietary Bada system, so our Samsung Bada apps round-up is a must-have for you.

Phones like the Samsung Monte run Java J2ME apps, and there are a few phones that only come with AT&T preinstalled apps for example, that also have J2ME enabled so the GetJar store is a must-visit store for you.

Don’t forget to continue to our next section where we look at great apps specific to your phone.

Top Apps According to your Samsung Phone

We have some great app round-ups for pretty much any recent Samsung phone you can mention here at Bright Hub, and I’ve herded them up for your convenience. The great thing about these round-ups is that they bring you only the best apps available for your particular phone, so you don’t have to search through for the good ones, or worry that they might not be compatible with your phone – the hard work’s already been done, so take a look.

Must-Have Apps for your Samsung

There are certain apps that no phone should be without – daily recharging of your phone’s battery is testament to the fact that we can all do with a battery monitor app, for example. Most of the apps here are for Android-running Samsung phones as this is what the majority of Samsung devices run, but there is a bit of something for everyone covered in this guide as a whole.

What About Preinstalled Apps on your Samsung?

There are always some preinstalled apps on your phone, and after a while you probably just get used to seeing them there and don’t even look at them. For example, have you noticed those ‘hubs’ on your phone? There are usually a selection of them that include games, reading, social and music that group certain apps together to make life easier. So take a look through some of these useful articles that will either explain what these apps do and how to use them, or offer you alternatives that might suit you better.

With Samsung phones covering a large spectrum of operating systems, and therefore apps, I’m sure there are one or two must-have apps that I’ve neglected to include, so please put me right if there’s one you can’t do without on your Samsung by leaving a comment.