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The Android platform is growing in popularity as more and more of us buy Android smartphones. One of the reasons it is taking off is because there are so many models to choose from and manufacturers are releasing Android handsets at various price points. While you can get some great budget phones there are none so cheap that you wouldn’t want a protective case.

You’ll find some handy round ups right here that highlight the best cases on offer for various models of Android smartphone from the top-of-the-line to the budget options.

HTC Android Phone Cases

HTC is one of the most popular Android smartphone manufacturers and they produce a great range of handsets to choose from. We start off by looking at the top-selling HTC EVO 4G and if that’s your phone you’ll be especially interested in the extended battery cases so you can get a little more out of your handset. We then move on through the range covering the top HTC releases and some of their popular mid-range and budget options as well.

Samsung Android Phone Cases

Another manufacturer that seems to have hit the jackpot with Android is Samsung. Their Galaxy S II is the best Android smartphone available right now and so we start there. We’ll also take a look at some round-ups of great cases for the rest of their Android range. Many of their phones are identical in size so for example the Samsung Galaxy S cases will work well with any of the carrier specific Galaxy S variants that were released from the Fascinate to the Mesmerize.

Motorola Android Phone Cases

We can’t discuss Android smartphones without mentioning Motorola. Their original Droid range at Verizon helped to popularize the platform and they’ve been busy since then with a whole host of great Android phones. We start with the Motorola Droid X and take a look at some normal cases and then some waterproof options. There are also loads of round-ups for their other popular models.

LG Android Phone Cases

They made not have had the same impact as the big three already mentioned. but LG has released its own fair share of great Android devices. They started with a budget range, but more recently they’ve been producing some really high-end Android smartphones. As with the Galaxy S from Samsung, the LG Optimus T is the same size as all of the other carrier-branded models of that phone so the cases will work well with the rest of the range from the Optimus S to the Optimus U.

Sony Ericsson Android Phone Cases

Some of the most attractive Android releases have come from Sony Ericsson. Their most famous Android release has to be the Xperia Play as it combines PlayStation portable functionality with a powerful smartphone. You’ll find some great cases here for most of their top phones on the platform.

Google and Pantech Android Phone Cases

The two releases from Google have been the Nexus S (manufactured by Samsung) and the Nexus One (manufactured by HTC). They are both great smartphones that run stock Android. As you can see in the round-ups there are plenty of great cases available for both. We finish off with a budget offering from Pantech.

That’s it for our Android smartphone cases guide. If you have a favorite case then post a comment and let us know about it.


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